Seeking member at new Emergent Strategy Cooperative in Seattle, WA

by Emergent Strategy Cooperative
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We are a spirited housing cooperative (“co-op”) in the Seward Park area in Seattle, Washington, located minutes from the water and within walking distance of Lake Washington! Our co-op consists of of 7 adults and 2 younger people that has been in existence since April 2018. Those who live here are Queer and POC folk of varying ages and abilities. The co-op is based on Emergent Strategy principles (a book by adrienne maree brown).

The Space:
The house is very large, spacious, bright, a lot of light, waterfront views of Lake Washington, and has beautiful cedar trees companioning the house. It is beautiful, fancy even, has a fireplace, several common spaces, a big kitchen and gas stove, and we built garden beds this Spring. We have a multi-year, no rent increase, lease, too.

We are seeking to add to the community and there is space available starting in January with a flexible move-in date!

The room is ~280 sq ft, in the house that has its own bathroom and a view of Lake Washington for $1150. There would also be monthly house dues, collective food costs (~$150), and utilities (~$100). Most of us cook 2 times a month and share food, and our goal is to eat together when possible.

Meals have gluten free, dairy free, and nut free options, and we are an omnivorous household. We are currently figuring out how to make our food systems work for everyone involved and make the best choices within our collective means. We recently just bought a whole pig from one of the housemate’s friends, as a way to ethically source meat and support community. We are working on naming and practicing our collective ethos as we form our food systems!

The rooms are not ADA accessible, and neither is the house itself. There are several steps down the path to the house and three up to the front door.

The rooms is located up a flight of stairs. We are a low scent house, with little to no artificial scents being used in the house due to a household members allergy. We intend to try out having a hypoallergenic dog, but there are no pets due to allergies. The house apparently stays warm as far as we know (most of us have been here since April) and has new insulation.

About Us:
The house was started with the intention of it being a space that we had never seen happen before, three of us really excited to see a cooperative structure work well with adults practicing principles of liberation and in a space that wasn’t falling apart.

We are all committed to values of care and working together. Some of the ways this has looked is through practicing weighted discussions and weighted voting mechanisms so that POC voices are amplified in tangible ways during house meetings and decisions. Part of building and growing together has looked like figuring it out as we go and finding ways of collaborating that decenter whiteness that work for the group.

Some of our house norms include introducing yourself and your pronouns, and we have a day of the week where we don’t have any guests.

Many of us love hosting, having gatherings at the house, and being around each other, as well as using the house as a resting retreat space and having our alone time.

Who we hope you are!
Someone who has Sunday/Thursday evenings free for periodic house meetings (approximately every 1.5 weeks) as we get our cooperative structures in place;
Has space in their life to be a part of an emerging housing project and willingness and capacity to step into the ‘messiness’ (generative meaning of the word) of this project

Black and Indigenous folks especially encouraged to apply.

To be in touch, please complete this form for us to get to know you a bit and we will reach out to schedule a dinner: