Participate in “The Experiment for Biogenic Living & Creative Expression”– Work/Internship Opportunities Available

by White Rabbit
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Jamul, CA

Rancho EcoTopia seeks like-minded individuals with a love for fresh air, hard work, passion for nature, quietude and who are ready for making the next step to personal independence. Our “Experiment for Biogenic Living & Creative Expression” {see:}, is based upon the ageless wisdom and Great Works of Humanity passed down for generations surrounding the immutable laws of health, wealth and happiness. Priority will be given to individuals with Journeyman Skills, and/or Organic Gardening talents to fill these unique positions at this completely Self-Sustaining Eco-Ranch. Here we grow with the Earth both within and without, sending our roots deep into our life sustaining Source.

We are a private, family owned, Organic Fruit Ranch and small but growing Intentional Community, interested in others who also desire to live in community; in communion with nature. We are located in the foothills about three quarters of an hour from the beaches of San Diego. Internships are being offered, especially to individuals with background in building and construction skills, artistic and organic gardening talents who seek inner self-improvement, while at the same time contributing to the well being of this Earth-Based Ranch/School. Eco-centric tourists and travelers also frequent here often.

We are dedicated to sincere work, creative expression, living a simple life away from the rat race, and producing most of our basic needs with the energy of our own hands simply by living next to our Source in Nature. In a few words, we are ‘Stewards of the Earth’ and are open to others who yearn for this same way of life. Some permanent positions still remain open.

All Internships are based upon a work-exchange agreement–with an option for monetary compensation for special work skills. Internships always depend upon a mutual trial/test period. No smokers or drinkers, only health-conscious individuals please. References are required.

For more details see our Website:,  and if in coresonance happily contact White Rabbit at: [email protected]