Room in an intentional community on a farm!

by Cassandra
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We’re announcing a fantastic opportunity to be a part of creating a small intentional community! Do you want to live in a tight-knit ethically-minded community on a farm? Do you have horses or other large animals? Do you have a hobby that takes a lot of space? We are looking for more awesome people to join our burgeoning community in our huge beautiful house in Enumclaw, WA with 10 acres, a 5 stall barn, fenced pastures, gardens, and a workshop!

If you’re interested, please send us a message with answers to the questions at the bottom.

We have 4 professionals in our 20’s to 30’s, renting this farm long-term from a fabulous retired couple who live in another town. We’re looking for two more people to fill two bedrooms that are available now. We have a capacity limit, so we can only accommodate one person per room. Because we have to make rent, your portion will be $600/mo for a large bedroom, or $650/mo for a very large bedroom with an amazing view. Utilities are not included. Deposit is one month’s rent. We are open to tiny houses/trailers or renting studio/hobby space as well, if you can minimize use of the facilities in the main house.

Our community aims for cooperative, sustainable living, where we share resources and collaborate on gardening, farming, foraging, cooking, building, creating, and fixing things. We grow veggies, berry bushes, fruit trees, and native edible plants. We preserve the food we grow with canning, dehydration, and fermentation. We utilize permaculture systems wherever we can, including harvesting rain water and setting up alternative power. We’re building more raised garden beds, animal pens, and animal shelters. We aren’t raising animals for meat, for most of us are vegetarian. We mostly use them as pets, lawn mowers, educational tools, and for fiber or dairy production. We also make various arts and crafts. We try to sell the excess of what we make or grow, to cover rent and work towards becoming completely self-sustainable.

We encourage individuality and self-expression. Some of us are LGBTQ, in alternative relationships (e.g. polyamory, relationship anarchy, kink), have nontraditional belief systems, or are not spiritual. As an adult household, we maintain a sex positive (aka no one will shame you for having sex), body positive, and non-sexualized clothing-optional atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on consent. We enjoy occasional respectful guests, get togethers, and adult parties. You will never be pressured into anything, but you must be comfortable with this atmosphere. This place is great for introverts or extroverts, because there is plenty of time and space to be alone, but you can also hang out with others when desired. There are lots of options to find peace and quiet: your room is private, we have multiple common areas, nice covered areas outdoors, the huge barn, and lovely woods.

You must be an animal, plant, or nature lover. We have several domestic and exotic pets already. Some of the small, harmless exotic pets travel for educational programs with one housemate (kind of similar to a therapy dog program). We take excellent care of our animals, keeping them super clean and healthy, and we would expect the same from you. If you have pets/animals or want to get some, and they get along with other animals, they are well-behaved, and you take excellent care of them, then they will probably be allowed with a small deposit. We have 3 fenced paddocks covering 5 acres, attached to 3 of the barn stalls. It’s a great setup for horses, cows, goats, pigs, or anything allowed by local regulations.

You will need to be comfortable with open and honest communication, in daily life as well as in conflicts. If you avoid discussing conflict, you won’t be able to talk through issues, so this situation won’t work for you. That said, there is no yelling, breaking things, fighting, or other aggression. We make decisions through discussion and consensus, following guidelines similar to N Street Cohousing. House chores are shared and kept track of with a chart. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
We have optional group dinners and movie nights biweekly, and mandatory monthly house meetings to hash out any issues or ideas.

If you are interested, you must respond with a message answering these questions, or we will not reply:
What gardening, farming, animal care, permaculture, construction, repairing, homesteading, or intentional community experience do you have? Do you have a car? Where do you work? What hours do you work and sleep? Do you have pets or children? Are you LGBTQ, alternative relationship, and clothing-optional friendly? How clean do you keep your living quarters? Do you smoke anything, drink, or do drugs?