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Rocky Corner Cohousing, The First in Connecticut

by Marie Pulito
Land + Real Estate

Rocky Corner Cohousing, The First in Connecticut

Rocky Corner Cohousing construction began May 1, 2018, on our 33-acre former dairy farm in the small town of Bethany. Our beautiful New England setting is only about five miles north of New Haven.

Rocky Corner is an inclusive, multi-generational community. We value and are seeking diversity of culture and background.  Our future residents differ in race, age, sexual orientation and income level. One of our goals is to promote the physical and emotional health, safety and security of our members and guests. We strive to create a neighborhood that is supportive and inspiring for individuals and families.

Many of us want to live in a Connecticut neighborhood where we interact and care for each other. We are looking forward to building community by creating art, music, dance, food, joy, and friendships together.

We care deeply about the health of the planet, and we are committed to green building and living sustainably. We worked cooperatively with Centerbrook Architects to design 30 passive solar, single family homes and a 4,500 square foot common house. https://centerbrook.com/about The common house features a commercial kitchen, a large soundproofed woodworking shop, an arts and crafts studio and, as the focal point of the lounge, a handbuilt masonry stove. http://www.rodzander.com/

Our Energy Star homes are one-and-a-half-story capes built on  insulated slab foundations. All homes have large south-facing windows, a solar-ready roof, and ductless heating with air-source heat pumps (mini-splits). Homes have ground-level entries and a bedroom and full bath—with a roll-in shower—on the first floor. A flexible array of porch, dormer, skylight, and other options are available for the initial purchasers.

You can view detailed layouts of our homes here:

One bedroom “A” home: http://rockycorner.org/one-bedroom-type-a-homes/

Two bedroom  “B” home: http://rockycorner.org/one-or-two-bedroom-type-b-homes/

Three bedroom “C” home: http://rockycorner.org/two-three-or-four-bedroom-type-c-homes/

Layout of common house: http://rockycorner.org/the-common-house/

We worked with Appleseed Permaculture  to make the best use of the farmland and watershed, and are creating an organic landscape of berries, orchards, annual vegetables, pasture, wildflowers, paths and ponds. We have enough space, for those who are interested, to grow a substantial amount of our food, including a greenhouse for an extended growing season. http://www.appleseedpermaculture.com/

The site plan is people-centered, with cars on the perimeter yet conveniently accessible to each unit. Car sharing is planned. Our property is nestled against Regional Water Authority reservoir acreage with paths for walking, skiing and horseback riding. We are also within walking distance of town restaurants, a veterinarian, a tractor dealer and a car repair shop. The common house with be the walking destination for community activities.

We have adopted sociocracy as our organizational and decision-making model, and we have trained with John Buck, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and Diana Leafe Christian. Read our vision statement here: http://rockycorner.org/our-vision/.

Bethany is a rural town of 5,000 people. Governed by elected selectmen, it includes participatory town meetings http://bethany-ct.com/ . It has an award winning public school system: elementary https://www.bethany-ed.org/index.cfm and high school https://www.amityregion5.org/ . There are many alternative schools nearby (Goddard, Surreybrook, Children’s House and Willow Tree Montessori, Two Coyotes Wilderness, and the Graduate Institute)  Rocky Corner is minutes from New Haven, the seat of Yale University, where political action, the arts, entertainment, and fine dining abound. https://www.newhavenct.gov/

We received a $2.6 million grant from the state of Connecticut to help make some of our homes affordable (below market rate).

Many homes are spoken for, but we have all sizes available (1, 2, and 3 bedrooms), including both affordable and market-rate homes. Affordable homes require an application process that looks at income eligibility based on the median income of the New Haven area.

Please contact Elvy at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing a home or for more information about Rocky Corner Cohousing.

More info is also on our website: www.rockycorner.org

Seeking laughers, leaders, builders, creators, merry-makers of all kinds!

Rocky Corner Cohousing a great place for families, for singles, for aging in place: a safe, cooperative, supportive community.


Legal: Buildings and improvements shown NEED NOT BE BUILT. This listing is not an offer to sell a home. Please refer to the public offering statement, available upon written request.

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