by Ken Nelson
Community Forming
Chesaw, WA


The Pineolia Community, at this point in time, is at a pre-forming stage, of so far just me and my two cats on 22 acres. A draft of a vision statement of what I have in mind is as follows:

“We are a group of visual artists and art appreciators who have chosen to live together with the common purpose of providing moral support as we indulge in the spiritual activity of art making. We live cooperatively as we create a lifestyle that reflects our shared core values.”

Core Values: Progressivism, Permaculture, and Art Making.

This is only a draft as it needs the input of other interested people and then we might be able to negotiate a merging of our visions.

For more information go to my F.I.C. directory listing by clicking on this link:


So if this at all resonates with you, lets by all means begin corresponding with each other. Please email me at: [email protected]

Thank you,

Ken Nelson