Parcels Available: Forming Intentional Community, Farm and Eco-Village

by George
Real Estate For Sale
Pecos, New Mexico, USA

Join the forming SilverLeaf Community!

Status: We are early in the development process of basic infrastructure. We have initial gardens, water, housing and power in place and work on improving those and creating more housing. We have a few parcels (S30k and up/work trade) for sale
and some housing available.

About the Land: 270 acres of truly unique, spectacular land, located on 3 mesas (plateaus), bordering national forest, near Pecos NM (near Santa Fe). There is a spectacular 320ft. drop into a long, uninhabited valley, and no neighbors for miles, absolute privacy. There are several canyons and some densely wooded areas with Ponderosas and unusually tall Pinion and Juniper trees. Seasonal pond with frogs and salamanders. Jackrabbits, deer and herds of elk. There is absolute silence with no road within miles. Black skies and magnificent star gazing. Spectacular views of the far away mountain tops. The land is sur- rounded on three sides by national forest and a large cattle ranch on the fourth. A variety of geology, plant and animal life exists.

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