Paradise Eco-Village Sanctuary

by Piperson
Community Forming

We are gathering 144 sincere & self-motivated people to form a community (a trustworthy, dependable & unified group), who will collaborate together to build an eco-village from the ground up; with all the necessary principles to ensure a perpetual environment of peace, love, kindness, equality, abundance, social responsibility, and most important (free of corruption). It is an environment in which the people & children will love and care for the elderly, and integrate the elderly into the community instead of discarding them into nursing home.  Since we all will get old and weak at some point.  It’s important to build a community that will walk this path of loving and nurturing the weakest & most feeble among the community. As they say, “we reap what we sow.”

Unlike most other intentional and eco communities out there that are under someone else’s building and zoning code. This eco-village will have autonomous “home rule” jurisdiction over the building & zoning code. In other words, we will be able to build however we see fit, using the local available resources to cut construction cost.

“In the United States, some states constitutionally or legislatively grant home rule to cities, counties, and municipalities within their borders. These are called “home rule states.” Local governments in home rule states are free to pass laws and ordinances as they see fit to further their operations, within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions. In other states, local governments have only the authority expressly granted to them by state legislatures, typically in accordance with the legal principle known as Dillon’s Rule. ” — source:

We post our advert across America looking for those that are of like-mind, who regard the principle of “Home is where the heart is” more important than the physical location. In other words, the desire to be in a kind & caring community should be more important than where the location will be.  (If you feel the need to ask for the location, then this community is not the right one for you.)

If you are a peaceful, patience, humble, and kind-hearted person who are awaken and aware of what’s going on globally.  If you are ready to walk the path of peace instead of the path of politics & conflicts. If you are tire of being trap in a rat race and want to escape from it.   If you are tire of living in a stressful competitive dog eat dog environment, where you constantly have to watch your back; and you are ready to live in a loving, tranquil & peaceful environment where everyone in the community nurture & watch out for each others well being.  Then contact us to begin the collaboration process.

The property will be community owned, while the floating houses or tiny homes on wheels/gypsy wagons are individually owned.  The floating houses can be docked to the main floating community hub, or separate to go sight seeing on the man-made lake of the community.  The tiny homes on wheels/gypsy wagons can also be wheeled onto floating platform to dock with the main floating community hub if so desire.  The community will help the members build their own floating house or gypsy wagon, using the available natural resources on the community property, as well as using recycle materials to drastically cut cost for those who are on a tight budget.  It has come to our attention that there are those who mistakenly associate gypsy wagons with nomads wandering aimlessly.  To clear up any possible misconceptions, we re-emphasize that we are building a community with clear long term goals and directions.  For those who do not wish to live in gypsy wagons or tiny homes, we do intend on building permanent housing structures.  But in the beginning, tiny homes on wheels/gypsy wagons are the most cost effective ways of providing shelters for the community’s pioneering settlers.

As part of our screening process to ensure sincerity, please answer the following preliminary formality questions when you contact us if you desire a reply.  These questions are meant to help you.  They are meant to help us figure out how to best communicate with you in a positive manner.  The purpose of our eco-village is to problem solve, avoid humanity’s past mistakes and bring hope.  And in order to problem solve, we have to face and acknowledge certain truthful things that exist in our world.  Unfortunately, not everyone have a mind that is strong enough to handle the truth without becoming depress, distraught, or lose hope.  Which would be the opposite of our intention, which is to bring hope.  So we have to evaluate people to see whom we can disclose the truth and whom we cannot before we communicate with them.  Simply cut and paste the questions and put your answers under each question.

Tell us a little about yourself (i.e. what is your current goals/life goals? How do you envision the village community helping you to achieve those goals? What skills do you have currently?  If none, what peaceful & constructive skills would you be interested in learning to help the community?  If a situation arises such that no one in the community has a particular set of skills that the community needs, are you willing to learn those skills assigned to you? (In other words, are you communal minded enough to be motivated to learn a new skill for the mutual benefits of all in your community?)

What’s your current situation (i.e. are you someone who wants to get into an eco-village asap [which we cannot accommodate at the moment], or do you have the patient & is able to wait a few years while the community work together to acquire the land & build the infrastructures? )

And what is the driving factors/reasons behind your desire to be a part of this particular eco-village?

Are you someone whose mind can face & handle the truth of our world no matter how disturbing & horrific they are?  If so, are you able to make use of these truth to problem solve in a peaceful & constructive manners? (i.e. being able to problem solve without resorting to the path of violence, conflicts, or politics)

Or, are you someone whose mind cannot handle the truth, and need certain information to be sugar coated or omitted? (i.e. are you someone whose mind cannot handle complexity & disturbing information and is happy and content to just follow directions to reap the communal benefits?)

PS– Do make sure to follow up if you don’t hear back from us, sometime your reply can get lost in the spam box.  We will always reply to those who take the time to answer our preliminary questions.  It’s just common courtesy after all.