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Beautiful Home for Sale in Rural Pennsylvania Community

by Daniel Griffiths
Community with Opening Land + Real Estate
33 Greening Life Lane, Shermans Dale, PA 17090

Home For Sale in Greening Life Community

Low $200’s – Contact Maureen or Dan at 717-582-7484

Built in 1998, our home is constructed using extensive reuse of materials. The particulars:

  • Our solar energy system meets all of our annual electric needs.
  • Around the home are hundreds of feet of walls built with stone harvested from the farm.
  • Propane heat, water heat, cooking
  • Wood floors throughout main living areas and beautiful tile elsewhere
  • New well, excellent water
  • Porches on three sides that give us a wide view into woods and surrounding fields, a patio under a pergola, a fire pit and a deck set in the surrounding woodlands.
  • New kitchen with big windows and unique granite countertops
  • Lots of windows on all sides of main living space
  • $6,000+ in energy efficient improvements to shield us from energy cost increases
  • Extensive, custom built attic storage
  • Kiva fireplace
  • Central a/c
  • Separate wooded deck
  • Custom built wood shed plus smaller shed off wooded deck

The lot on which the house is constructed is about 1.7 acres and is a leasehold with a long-term lease of the land held by the community.

The Community – Greening Life

Greening Life Mission Statement: Balance in life, stewardship of the land, emphasis on simplicity and cooperation with one another and growth in spirit. We govern by consensus.

Greening is a non-profit corporation founded in 1973 to create a place where residents can share the joys and responsibilities of intentional community living. A core of 8 individually owned homes on approximately 1½ acre lots is surrounded by pastures, fields and woodlands. The farm is 135 acres with rolling hills, woodlands, pastures and hay fields. Much of the farm is in a conservation easement protecting the land from further development. We have developed roads, hiking trails and outdoor community spaces. The farm buildings include a 100-year old bank barn. We have extensive farming equipment to support upkeep of our roads and green areas including a 2-acre fenced vegetable garden.

Membership – We very strongly hope that all homeowners at Greening Life become members. Membership is a commitment to subscribe to the bylaws and respect our fundamental values. Members share in the upkeep of the property to promote responsibility and cooperation within the community.

Governance – Greening is governed under its Bylaws and by consensus decisions of the members.

More Information about the community is at:


Contact Maureen or Dan at 717-582-7484


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