Operations Manager

by Leda Milazzo
Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center 1184 Cty Route 11, Craryville, NY 12521


Operations Manager

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center

 Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center, Craryville, New York is seeking an Operations Manager to monitor and oversee operations throughout the retreat center. The successful candidate will be friendly, organized, professional, and will preferably have experience working in a nonprofit organization. They must commit to being a contributing community member and to understanding the Pumpkin Hollow ethos of selfless-service.

The Operations Manager oversees the office manager, maintenance staff, outside contractors, bookkeeper, volunteer staff and seasonal staff (housekeeping, gardening, and grounds crew). They work directly with the kitchen manager and experience manager to coordinate successful retreats. They manage the seasonal opening and closing of the PH campus. The operations manager works with existing staff to establish overall operating capacity. This person reports to the Pumpkin Hollow Board of Directors. They provide timely reports, and make direct updates to the board at every board meeting, including any plans and/or projections for future seasons.

Since 1937 Pumpkin Hollow has provided a peaceful and harmonious setting in which our essential spirituality can blossom and grow. We offer a rural sanctuary to promote the experience of the unity of all life and to evoke personal transformation. The Retreat Center is committed to programs and events which uniquely fulfill these ideals. Our goal is to foster fellowship, service, and the study of natural laws that govern life; offering opportunities for self-discovery, meditation, healing, and connecting with nature. Pumpkin Hollow’s lifestyle is best described as organic in nature; a richly physical, social, and spiritual environment cultivated for over 80 years. It is an environment conducive to nurturing each individual’s desire to discover and explore their inner path. In accordance with our principle of respect for all life, our cuisine is vegetarian. This means no meat, no fish, no fowl is allowed on the property. Also, alcohol and recreational drugs are not allowed on the property.


This person works with appropriate staff in the following areas.

 Office – Oversees purchase of office equipment and software needs; communicates and schedules outside contractor work; works with retreat group organizer, staff, and treasurer to determine the number of visitors, cost, timing, lodging, and logistics of all programs.

  • Maintenance – Directs staff in areas of repairs; upgrades to facilities, including all buildings; upkeep of all vehicles and grounds equipment; upkeep of maintenance tools, equipment, and maintenance structures; and snow removal. Oversees the acquisition, preparation, and distribution of firewood and maintenance of wood-burning stoves. Organizes yearly fire and safety code inspections.
  • Outside Contractors – Scopes necessary work, expenses/estimates, and submits for board approval. Once approved they will manage contractor.
  • Seasonal Staff and Volunteer Staff – Recruit, hire and manage seasonal staff including but not limited to grounds, garden, and housekeeping. Manages volunteers including determining the number of volunteers and skill set of volunteers needed for each program/project. Directs office manager to solicit volunteers. Coordinates volunteer-staff work projects.


  • A willingness to live in community and participate in spiritual practice including attendance at morning meditation and participation in Pumpkin Hollow sponsored retreats and activities.
  • Leadership skills, including the capacity to remain compassionate and having equanimity under pressure. This also includes the ability to inspire and motivate, as well as to collaborate and build strategic relationships.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Highly developed relationship skills, including the ability to see and appreciate other points of view, cross-culturally.
  • Detail-oriented, highly organized and resourceful with the ability to prioritize, problem solve and take initiative.
  • A track record in organizational management, with demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Must be able to work non-traditional hours including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


This is a full-time residential position. This is a position of living in community with a taxable annual stipend of $18,000. Benefits include: room, board, utilities, internet access, and free laundry facilities.


Interested applicants should submit:

  • A one-page cover letter describing why you are uniquely suited for this position.
  • Resume


Submit an application to: [email protected]

(Do not call or email the Pumpkin Hollow Office)