Open Positions w/ Awake-In Heart Healing Center at Moon Ranch

by Jacques
Communities with Openings
Tijeras, New Mexico

AWAKE-IN HEART HEALING CENTER ::  serving life :: a place for healing and self-mastery dedicated to the children


Awake-In Heart Healing Center is a mission-driven organization at the service of Life, very specifically human life. It is our intention to become a force of transformation in this world and to lead by example. The driving force of our vision is to see the suffering children (and all Living Beings) on our planet liberated from all forms of bondage, slavery, abuse and death practices. Through healing ourselves and facilitating classes, events, retreats, and rites of passage on our land for the healing of other Living Beings, we are directly impacting that liberation for all of humanity. We will continue our mission of healing until Mother Earth and all of her children have been restored to their true blueprint, which is LIFE!

Awake-In Heart Healing Center is dedicated to healing and peace for all Life.

We believe that 99.9% of humans on Earth have trauma. We are born into a world filled with confusion about our nature, which to some degree, leads us to create a fear-based false reality undermining who we are, and distorting our relationship to what is. Understanding this, and that we are responsible to do what we can to help others, we are committed to complete healing for ourselves and the rest of humanity.

Awake-In Heart Healing Center is a path to self-mastery for its members. We are choosing to use the tools we have to consciously support one another to maintain a state of wakefulness throughout the entire day.

Each day we connect after the sun’s rising and meet for our practice together. We learn to recognize our own nature – to Breathe, Sit, Stand, Walk and Relate – to manifest our vision and our intentions. We learn to incarnate fully into our bodies – which involves healing our trauma and awakening to our Divinity. We are not tied to any specific traditions, but we are committed to taking the time every day for our practice.

It is required for all who enter into our organization to understand these principles and ideals and make a commitment to strive toward their embodiment and integration.

We are currently 3 adults, 4 children, 2 cats and 1 dog living on a 5-acre plot of land in the East Mountains of Albuquerque. We have 2 houses, 2 yurts, 2 trailers and a tipi and sweat lodge.  All of our dwellings utilize wood burning stoves and composting toilets. We also have room to welcome additional rv’s, tiny homes, etc. We currently host a monthly Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony on the New Moon with a community potluck, as well as occasional workshops.

Because our mission is to do healing work on ourselves and with others, we are embracing this as a core value of our community – learning relational skills about how to live as a spiritual family and do inner work together and stay connected – healing childhood trauma and addressing triggers willingly as they come up.
As we establish ourselves, many projects are in progress such as converting one yurt into a healing space, beginning healing classes for members on the land, completing our root cellar, beginning the outdoor kitchen, underground greenhouse, and organizing home school activities and children’s classes.  Our goal in 2023 is to begin running Moon Ranch as though the healing center is established in order to become acclimated to this type of routine, as well as increase our events and offerings.
Most of our needs are essentially to support this mission.  Keep reading to find out what type of help we need and how we see these beings best integrating into our vision, onto our land, and into our hearts.

We are seeking 3 new members with excellence in cooking, childcare and land/dwelling stewardship so that we can manifest our vision swiftly!  This could look like one member in each area, or a possible combination depending on the members that we meet and their areas of expertise.

**Note: We are also looking for investors. The 5-acre plot of land next to ours (with a house, well water, solar panels, etc.) is currently listed on the market and we would love to expand our community and vision.**

The right members will be enlivened and enthusiastic about what we are creating here, and able to visualize how their talents will be applied to future events on the land in their area of expertise eventually creating income for all members.  For example, the chef will likely lead healthy meal plans and execution for retreats, the nanny/teacher might lead a children’s wild schooling moon club during the adult sweat lodges for all attendees’ children, and the land/dwelling steward will move projects forward that contribute to building the event space that supports the highest vision including completing the underground root cellar, beginning work on the outdoor kitchen, and maintaining all members’ dwellings.

In one scenario, we might find one chef contributor, one nanny contributor and one land/dwelling steward. Here is how we envision those roles:

• Cooks 6-12 omnivorous meals/week (Option to cook less than 12 meals if you want to utilize leftovers, casseroles, slow cooker recipes etc. and create more days off for yourself by only cooking every other day)
• Prepares 5-6 days of snacks for children (Open to fresh every day, or prepping in advance)
• Responsible for kitchen and meal clean-ups (members will wash their own dishes)
• Meal planning/restocking
• Food shopping
• 6 adults, 4 children (or more if any new members have children)

• Spends 24 hours with kids/week
• Most likely 6 hours/4 days
• Kids aged 7, 6 and 5, plus one 12 year old every other week (plus possible kids of new member positions)
• Previous experience and references will be checked
• Ideal candidate: Former/retired Sudbury, Waldorf, Montessori or Forest school teacher
• We do a mix of homeschooling, wild schooling, unschooling
• Recommended book to read: FREE TO LEARN by Peter Gray
• Teaching the children healing work and relational sovereignty is much more important to us than learning 2+2, ABC, etc.

• Spends 24 hours a week providing services on the land
• Leads new projects such as underground root cellar, outdoor kitchen, enclosed wood shop, underground greenhouse, rain catchment systems, solar battery box, electrical needs, and building new beautiful dwellings and structures such as tipis, yurts etc.
• Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of existing dwellings, structures, and land-based projects
• Organizing indoor and outdoor storage spaces efficiently and effectively while maintaining an earth-based harmonious aesthetic on the land
• Replacing and repairing wood stoves in dwellings as needed
• Possible splitting and distributing firewood and kindling in the winter
• Winterizing structures appropriately in the winter and guiding/teaching members how to maintain their dwelling appropriately

In another scenario, we might find 2 contributors who will share two of the roles such as cooking AND childcare. Here is one example of what that could look like:

CHEF/NANNY: (x2 people)
– Cooks 6 meals/week (brunch/dinner on 3 days each)
– Prepares 3 days of snacks for children. (Open to fresh each day, or prepping in advance)
– Responsible for kitchen clean-ups
– Meal planning/restocking
– 6 adults, 4 kids
– 12 hours of childcare on your 3 days (or choose when based on your + community needs)

In exchange for your services listed above, we will provide ongoing group trauma healing, relational healing and awakening lifestyle practices, yoga/bodywork practices, New Moon sweat lodges, Full Moon cacao ceremonies, possible plant medicine ceremonies and more as we grow and create Awake-In Heart Healing Center. Not only is this a place for your own healing and self-mastery, but the inner work you do with yourself and with the group, will directly impact all suffering children on our planet. As we solidify our own practices, we will begin extending more of our offerings to others who want to come and experience these practices for themselves and begin to generate financial security for our members by sharing our gifts.

Additionally, you will be provided a dwelling (or bring your own!), water, community shower, composting toilet, fridge, stove top, internet, power, solar power and food storage access in the event of power and food shortages as well as access to a Nanny/Teacher for your children.

Members will contribute monetarily to community meal program (members can also sign up for EBT/SNAP card as needed) and receive 10-12 prepared omnivorous meals/week, twice/day for brunch and dinner.

Additional Weekly Parental Benefit:
24 hours of childcare/education for parent to work, study, write, create, make videos, do healing work, etc.

AWAKE-IN HEART HEALING CENTER (daily itinerary in consideration)
7am Light Breakfast in individual dwellings
8am Group Bodywork | yoga, qigong, tai chi, etc
9am Awakening/Trauma work group sessions
10am Community brunch
11-5pm Nanny with kids (includes snack time)
6pm Community Dinner
7pm Heart Circles, meetings, etc.

“If we wish to achieve Freedom Absolute, then we wish to be our Excellence in every moment and with every breath. Sovereign Standing and Sovereign Integrity are always Self- Responsible, Self-Generating, Self-Correcting and Self-Directing, not looking outside of oneself for reference or approval. At the same time, it is being cooperative in a group setting and working in synergy with the uniqueness of other beings and striving to achieve the best expression of the unified field of all that are present and working together.”  – Kenneth Scott, PanTerraVida

Our recommended trial period is 28 days based on a standard moon cycle. Both parties reserve the right to cancel the contract for any reason at any time. Both parties must make an effort to initiate the contract in equity and with mutually beneficial intentions. While we do try to align major changes and shifts with the cycles of the moon, if extreme incompatibility presents itself, we may ask for an early departure. But this is not anticipated, and we will always strive to give 28 days notice, and ask the same from you.  After14 days, we will schedule a check-in to determine how the agreement is working for both parties, and provide feedback for the following 14 days before the trial period expires.

Additionally, we have noticed a pattern with potential new members of a “honeymoon” period usually lasting 1-3 months before subconscious patterns and behaviors from childhood begin presenting. This is normal and to be expected, however, this will be a critical time period to observe how new members will behave and reveal their commitment to facing themselves and healing past patterns. One can either rise to the occasion and openly offer their “stuff” for group healing sessions etc., or one can close down, isolate, avoid, lash out, project and all sorts of other coping mechanisms which will be our indication that this would not be a good long term fit. Many efforts will be made initially to point out these patterns and behaviors to new members and give them the chance to self-correct and guide themselves into healthier patterns of relating and facing their past. We are here to support one another. And to do so, we must be willing to open up and reveal ourselves.
We must preserve what we are trying to do here, which is to be at the service of Life. We need people to be at a level of maturity that we can build and create together, and not spend all of our time pointing out and “teaching” what are projections, inappropriate behaviors, etc. Of course triggers will happen, but how we move through them is of paramount importance. This will be a key topic during our interview process.

Contact earthsound dot or heather dot m dot to express interest!