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Online SG 1 Facilitator Training: Aging Successfully

by Lindy
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Architect and pioneer of senior cohousing in North America, Charles Durrett (McCamant
& Durrett Architects) will host Study Group 1 Aging Successfully (SG1) Online Facilitator
Training online this fall. The Training is in response to the failure of aging services
(especially in housing) to respond effectively to a growing trend in older adults. This
population desires more independence and control of their elderhood. The failure of
these services results is too many of these capable seniors move to assisted living before
their time simply because they lack access to services. The SG1 Facilitator Training is for
anyone motivated to be part of a solution in the current senior housing crisis in the U.S.
and around the world.

The SG1 Facilitator Training offers experiential learning on aging issues and
demonstrates the logistics of creating a supportive housing community. Limited to 20
people, the course allows for one-on-one dialogue and small group exercises, given at a
pace tailored to each and every one involved. Participants will learn how to organize
and motivate senior groups to take an active role in their housing choices.
“I was very fortunate to participate in Study Group 1…and feel well equipped to
train others in my area. [The] program impacted me personally by helping me
qualify what will work for me in my retirement and to be proactive in pursuing
great options for healthy and productive senior years.” – Sue Smith, SG1


This training will run for 10 weeks, beginning Oct 2, 2019, with weekly checkins every

Wednesday, 9:30 AM –12:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time. The cost is $600 before August 1, then $700 from
August 1 to October 2. Participants will receive coaching from Durrett on how to
organize senior groups and gain essential tools to launch senior cohousing in their area.
No prior knowledge of cohousing is required. Sign up by visiting
Contact us at [email protected], for more information or to schedule an interview
with Mr. Durrett.

About Charles Durrett
Charles Durrett is the owner of McCamant & Durrett Architects. The firm has designed
over 50 cohousing communities in North America. Durrett has received many awards,
including the UN World Habitat Award and the U.S. National Home Builders Association
Award for energy efficiency and smart growth. He is the coauthor of Creating
Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities, and author of The Senior Cohousing
Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living.

Contact Lindy at [email protected] or 530-265-9980

or visit: to learn more.



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