NYC Intentional Community for Artists

by Michele Gambetta
Land, Houses, Real Estate
United StatesNY(show on map )

ArtCondo ( is an urban Intentional Community run by, and for, NYC artists, to help creatives + creative businesses purchase and develop NYC buildings collectively.   Spaces will be raw live/work spaces with concrete floors and freight elevator, or raw spaces to work in. Units can be used for visual art studios, music studios, art storage, art exhibition, rehearsal spaces, teaching and for all forms of creative businesses.   Alternative ownership forms and purchasing methods being explored but cash investment needed.   Group has purchased land in the South Bronx and working on architecture plans now.  Groups and art collectives are encouraged to apply together.  ArtCondo is helping creatives become anchored in neighborhoods so they are no longer vulnerable to displacement, while fostering creative communities.  Visit to learn more!