Nonsmoking widowed lady age 52 with small pension

by Laurel
Seeking Community

I am caucasian 5’3″ 184 lbs, low carb. keto dieter, gym enthusiast, clean, well groomed, Trump supporter, not trying to sell my views to anyone but privately republican, nonsmoker, no drug use, not a lush, no kids, no pets, never been convicted of a felony, average health for my age, blonde, blue, Moderate Mainstream L.D.S. member in good standing, not here to proselyte anyone, U.C. Berkeley 1984-1988 currently residing in Las Vegas Nevada, available to relocate anywhere in the USA with a small pension, I am an introverted, academic type and emotionally detached, not seeking dating, romance, or courtship of any kind, don’t bother contacting me with arrangements involving any type of sexual agenda. I do not report to a job, and could buy groceries of my own liking to share, pay some amount of money towards utilities, or do small tasks.