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Affordable Developer-Driven

Neighborhood-Level Communities

Maximally Self-Reliant

Empowered to Learn and Earn

Within a Globalized Economy


In Search of Concerned and Imaginative 

Architects, Builders, Growers

In Academia and Business

To Realize Them 



110  SRNO Overview        5

Historical Background        5

Self-Reliant Neighborhood defined        6

Maximal self-reliance means no longer hostage        6

Community body and soul        7

Why Developer-driven planning & building?        8

Cohousing or developer management?        8

Member-owned and self-governed model        8

Developer Management model        9

Community structure and size        10

Work Groups, tasks, enterprise and tools        10

Note to All Readers: Help us Improve this Tool        11

Note to Academia & Business: You are essential        11


210 Ethical Requirements        12

Keeping employment-challenged families together        12

Addressing problems of nature, nurture and neglect        13

Responding to unsought, but inherent complicity        14

Expanding one’s ethical reach within community        14

220 Economic Requirements        15

Existential employment opens work options        15

Minimalist design increases range of adoption        15

Maximal autonomy increases range of location        16

Sustainable design embodies permanent wealth creation        16

230 Political Requirements        17

Applying a corporate welfare standard for worker families        17

Meeting political calls for hard work and equal opportunity        18

Replacing a state with a family-sustained safety net        18

Finding a Progressive/Conservative ideological intersection        19

Self-reliance and civic cooperation        19

Recovery of family values with deep roots        20

Working for welfare        20

240 Environmental Requirements        20

Aquaponic reduction of water requirements        20

Bio-waste becomes fertilizer for fields and food for fish and fowl        21

Buildings become environmental assets        21

Farm-to-table agriculture eliminates food loss completely        21

Human excesses are contained within natural energy flows        21

Providing work and home for climate-change refugees        21

300 SRN WORK GROUPS & TASKS        22

SRN Work Groups and the Ecovillage Archipelago        23

Work Groups, Tasks and the next generation        24

Crediting member hours of work as hours of life        24

310 IMPLEMENTATION Work Group Tasks        25

These are the Implementation WG’s tasks:        25

320 COORDINATION Work Group Tasks        25

These are the Coordination WG’s tasks:        25

330 EDUCATION Work Group Tasks        26

These are the Education WG’s tasks:        26

340 ADMINISTRATION Work Group Tasks        28

These are the Administration WG’s tasks:        28

350 BUILDING & GROUNDS Work Group Tasks        29

These are the Building and Grounds WG’s tasks:        30

360 FARMING Work Group Tasks        30

These are the Farm WG’s tasks:        31

370 SHARED LIFE Work Group Tasks        33

These are the Shared Life WG’s tasks:        33


Accounting Services        34

Home Repair Service        35

Landscaping Service        35

Online Study  Service        35

Regional CSA & Meals Preparation Service        35

Self-Reliance Seminar Service        36

500  SRN TOOLS–Fabricated, Biological & Documentary        36

Anaerobic Bio-Waste graphic building tutorial:  Biogas System Tutorial        37

Anaerobic Bio-Waste recovery company:  SimGas        37

Anaerobic Bio-Waste recovery device:  Homebiogas 2.0        37

Aquaponics Overview Document:  Overview of Aquaponic Systems        37

2018 1019        37

Aquaponics Webinar: Aquaponics: How to Do It Yourself!        37

Aquaponics YouTube Ted Talk: Charlie Price – Getting More out of Less        38

BSF Abstract on public health value of using BSF larvae to transform human fecal waste        38

BSF document: Black Soldier Fly Biowaste Processing: A Step by Step Guide        38

BSFL: Black Soldier Fly Larvae : Fecal Sludge Management        38

Cohousing Characteristics webpage:  What is Cohousing?        38

Cohousing Professionals webpage:  Cohousing Professionals        39

Common House and Education Center        39

Composting pdf:  Food Web of the Compost Pile        40

Composting pdf:  Composting, Nature’s Way to Recycle        40

Farming document:  Essence of Permaculture        41

Farming document:  Seasonal Garden Tasks and Times        41

Farming document:  Plant Bed Rotation        42

Governance Doc: Augmented Meeting Format        42

Heat pump        43

Kitchens, private and shared        43

Meeting Facilitation Guidelines document: Augmented Meeting Format        44

Monthly Work Chart: Inhouse, Entrepreneurial and Individual        44

Passive House website:  Passipedia        45

Permaculture document:  Essence of Permaculture        45

Shared Life website:  Communities Magazine        45

Time and Talents software        45

Wealth and Political influence article in The Economist 2018 0621:  Concentrated wealth leads to concentrated power        46