New Online Class: Introduction to Individual Sustainability – with Coupon!

by Laurie Saunders
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It’s easy to get discouraged about the state of the environment and the state of the world. We look to government and institutions to solve the problems and we get frustrated when they don’t.

Introduction to Individual Sustainability takes you down a path from understanding all that sustainability means to concrete, do-able “baby steps” for you, your family, friends, and neighborhood. It’s at the individual and local level that the balance will be tipped toward a sustainable future.

Author and professor Linda Pope has been teaching sustainability at the community college level since before it was fashionable. She brings a lifetime of educational and personal involvement with the natural world and has been rated by her students as their best instructor.

Free previews of the course can be found here

The first 50 responses using this link will get the course for 60% off.

You may already have all this material under your belt, but it’s for sure that lots of people in your world – friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors – don’t know where to start. Give them the gift of a sustainable life, and let them join you on your journey.

We look forward to seeing you on the path!