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New Intentional Community Eco Village forming

by Paul
Forming Communities

Wolf River Community

Mission Statement: Provide safety, security and better health thru a self-sufficient, sustainable community focusing on permaculture, off grid renewable energy and caring about others.

We are now building a community based on compassion, tolerance and respect.
We hope that many different views and faiths will settle here and enrich us all, but respect for the beliefs of others is paramount. ALL faiths, races, orientations (and absence thereof) are welcome here.
We welcome members from all parts of the US.

About the general area: This part of the country is green and rich with water. A multitude of rivers cut through the region for fishing and canoeing. Nearby Kentucky lake covers 250 square miles. To the far East is the Appalachians. To the West is the Mississippi.

In 1860, when most people still lived on farms, Tennessee was the fifth most populous state. Crops can grow well here. We are likely going to be in zone 7, but the amount and exact location of the land purchased will depend on the final total of members.

If you live on the West or East coast, and you have looked around in your area and decided that other communities are too expensive, then this might be the right one for you. Our suggested share buy in is $5000. If you have more, or somewhat less at the moment, we would still like to talk to you. If you have land somewhere west of Kentucky Lake that you are willing to donate (or work out something on) we would also be happy to hear from you.

If you are unemployed, (and especially if you are unemployed and currently homeless) put that stimulus and unemployment money to a use that will help you long term. If you are looking for a place you can help build that is based on the ideals of moderation, respect, self-sufficiency and going off grid asap, this is for you. This is going to be hard work, but it is also going to be home.

SHARED: Meals / Labor(hours system, banked) / Power / Water / Transportation / (some Housing for now)

There is no current rental fee planned for this community, especially because you will initially be in cohousing, a tent or your vehicle. There is no stipend planned for the first years of the community, but we are open to the idea for later on.

Members are encouraged to have their own (legal!) money-making opportunity, crafts etc., but are currently expected to (honor system) donate %33 (of profit after expenses) to the community fund.
In fact, we hope someday to have a multitude of different crafters who can teach visitors, and we also hope to someday promote farm and eco tourism/education.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested, please email us at [email protected]
Tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll then chat a bit by email and hopefully find that we are a great fit for each other!

We look forward to meeting you.

Wolf River Community

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