New Community Seeking Awesome People to Join Our Adventure!

by Travis Parker - Hawks Crest Intentional Community
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Central Virginia | South of Lake Anna in the woods!

Hello Awesome People looking for an Intentional Community!

We are a fairly new Intentional Community with property south of Lake Anna in Central Virginia looking for passionate and motivated people who want to live a more sustainable, self sufficient,  and joyful lifestyle that is closer to nature, focused more on the simple pleasures of life, and on building healthy compassionate human connections with community members. Our vision for our community is a bunch of awesome people, interested in the lifestyle mentioned above, coming together and thriving together! We plan to build multiple energy and cost efficient small homes as pictured in the sample photo above in the post gallery. We have started work on a larger multi bedroom main timber frame cabin which we are calling the “lodge” that will serve as the community center. We have all the tools and knowledge to build timber frame and cabin style homes for our community members.

We are a small but growing bunch of dreamers who want to build a better lifestyle for ourselves and others, including the next generation, so we are definitely open to small families joining us on our adventure of creating a better/happier/healthier way to live! We would love to welcome more small families who are interested in shared childcare, community schooling, and raising their children in a safe, conscious, loving environment with a ton of support where they can learn so many amazing and worthwhile things!

We are also very focused on self sufficiency and are working every day on projects toward that end. We have 16 raised vegetable garden beds and plan to build a total of around 50 or 60 by the time our organic garden area is completed so that we can feed ourselves and sell the extra at local markets! We are very interested in permaculture and are focused on learning all we can about it! We would love to have others interested in organic gardening, permaculture, and self sufficient living join us! We are also building a chicken coop for egg layers and have recently finished a rabbit hutch. We have discussed the possibility of goats in the future, but still working on those plans.

We are a very freedom loving community who strongly believes that everyone is entitled to their own set of beliefs and we respect each others belief systems. We would probably be described as more of a spiritually open minded community and would love to have more spiritually open minded people join us to share in expanding our consciousness together in peace, love and joy!

We absolutely love our campfires and coming together as a community for things such as community meals, movie nights, game nights, and we also like to host campfire gathering events to network with other like minded people and communities in the area! Honestly, we just like to enjoy life and have fun experiences with awesome people! So if you are an awesome person, couple, or small family, shoot us a message and lets talk about a visit and you potentially joining in on our fun adventure!

We are NOT looking for unmotivated, bad attitude, negative vibe people who are just looking for a free place to stay. Anyone that fits that description need not apply.