The Care Collective

by danguskhan
Community Forming
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Hi, I’ve a group called the care collective a few years ago about how we can be more caring and spread the love, we meet every Friday, maybe you can join us to talk and have good fellowship. Also, we’ve found a property in South Jersey near Philly that is perfect for a community 27 wooded acres and 4 buildings 16 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, inground pool, so it’s big and ready for a community. It needs work, but hey many hands make the load light, you know? We’re in the process of signing a purchase agreement with the owners that includes a timeframe for us to get all our ducks in a row while we pay some sort of consideration to them. We have a facebook group that has close to 70 members that are interested in helping us out and maybe living there or camping there for weekends. This is all pretty exciting, I hope you are excited at this opportunity, looking for more people to join us in this endeavor in any capacity. Thinking of rehabing the buildings and maybe host retreats, classes or whatever there while we build yurts and other structures out in the woods. There is also a 4 acre property for sale next door under foreclosure that we may snag too if we get our funds in order or bring in enough from the property from our intentional community making stuff etc. I foresee things to be like Twin Oaks, Acorn, Ganas and Alleghany Intentional Villiage, all have inspired me to form a community, also Rainbow gatherings and burns.

We have a property in Maryland with 13 acres and a house and garage there’s room for more people there. I’ve got a house in the suburbs of Wilmington that has room for more folks. I’m also in the process of buying a fixer upper in Wilmington. I will be able to profit share with everyone that helps out and can give a small stipend per month while we’re waiting to make green energy off our efforts! Looking for a few good people to join up and you’ll find out you’ll be happier as time goes on as you spend time with me and do the things that I do! Rainbow Warriors for life!

Please contact me with any questions, thanks, Dan! 302-803-8990

Here is the website for our group, please join if you wish: