My path – Marine – healthcare field – spiritual journey – phase 2

by BillyLight
Seeking Community

Hello Friends, My name is Billy Lane and I reside in Ann Arbor, MI. I would say I am seeking a community new or old, forming or established.  I think its fair to say however, that my life has come together by not seeking, and instead just by being. So I am connecting, extending a hand to see where it will be received. A little bit about me, 07-2011 I was in the Marines, 1371 combat engineer with a tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Then I went to work for University of Michigan, as an nurse aid in the surgical icu, then anesthesia tech, obtained my associates in surgical technology and became a surgical tech. Then I was a full time stay at home dad/gate keeper to my 2 and 3 year old at the time. Have a great relationship with former partner and my kids, but she wishes to remain where she is currently, and distances do not create boundaries to I, so im not worried about not being involved in the upbringing of my kiddos, I love them and will for certain be in their life. I don’t have any restrictions, except I prefer to be in an environment of nature, life, love and light. Namaste, Anjali, and Pranamsana