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by Greg Ferrar
Community Forming
Detroit, Michigan

Seeking between 5 and 12 members of a new intentional community to be created during 2020 on Kensington Avenue in the East English Village region of Detroit.

We are Big D, a small company with a focus on supporting the creation of intentional communities, i.e. communal living. We have founded communities in Santa Cruz, California and in Detroit, and we have many years of combined experience in community living and in overcoming the challenges that communities face.

We own two houses side-by-side on Kensington Avenue. One is a 7-bedroom, 2800sf house currently operating as an AirBnB; the other is a four-bedroom, 2200sf house with three additional rooms in the basement, recently occupied by a now-dissolved intentional community. Either or both of these houses are available to become community houses.

We are looking for new residents who

1. are enthusiastic to pursue their own personal growth through the often-challenging vehicle of intentional community, and
2. are enthusiastic to join with other like-minded people to create a new community with a strong shared vision.
3. are flexible and willing to learn new ways of thinking and behaving, especially if their current patterns are not conducive to community living.
4. are financially solvent and able to pay rent,
5. currently have a place to live (we want people to move into the community out of clear choice, not out of necessity or desperation),

Big D is highly involved with its communities, requires frequent communication with them, and provides free financial services (individual and communal financial coaching and community money management) and interpersonal services (coaching and conflict resolution). Big D representatives do not live in the community, but would remotely attend weekly house meetings, and would sometimes visit the community in person, two to four times each year.

We are looking for people to move in as early as January 2020, but we are open to the idea of gradually moving in members through 2020 as is convenient for them (i.e. as leases end). Anyone committing to live in the community, however, is committing to spend many hours a week with the community, starting as soon as early 2020, to help form a cohesive group and vision.

Rent varies by room, but may be expected to be around $400 per person, including utilities and Internet.

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