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Louisiana area Eco-Village in Planning Stages

by Arella Dawn Landman
Community Forming
South east Louisiana

Community in the Early Planning stage

South-East Louisiana / Lake Pontchartrain area

Seeks All Interested Parties for Input, Discussion, and Collaboration in the Development of an Ecologically Vibrant,

I have been lucky enough to live in community several times in California, Colorado, and Hawai’i.

I have some talent in the areas of design, and Agriculture/Landscaping/Anything to do with Plants.

I am wanting to develop an entire subdivision, eventually, to include Shared recreational spaces, bio-intensive gardening areas, plenty of fruit and nut trees, and most importantly, a democratic decision making process which is INCLUSIVE.

The last couple years I have been studying up on Natural Building and I can now see how completely achievable it would be. To build a beautiful, comfortable and durable home for under $50k. (NO MORTGAGES) I want to develop plans and build the buildings to create a new breed of homes in this wonderful region. So I am seeking to connect now with those who would consider living in such a neighborhood. Hippys, Farmers, Artists, and Activists – Yes 🙂

But also Business People, Nurses, Teachers, Police, Trash Haulers, and anyone else whom is Sent our way.

I understand that some municipalities (New Orleans etc) will not allow alternative home styles within certain areas. More than likely we will gravitate a little father out, to the country where the zoning is much more inclusive.

I’m particularly interested in folks’ impressions about Dome Homes. This is just simply floor-plans which uses curved lines instead of straight, and uses a dome shape as the main roof slope. There are unlimited ways to utilize these concepts and so I want to show some of my ideas and see what folks think about actually living in a home like that!! Will be posting on my website as time goes on.

I do not have any land picked out or any plans drawn, but I am posting this ad in hopes that more individuals and families will emerge who are visioning along similar lines!

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