Lost Valley Community Seeking New Residents, Oregon

by Setesh
Community With Opening

Lost Valley Community Seeking New Residents–Especially with Leadership, Organizational, and/or Gardening Passions

Lost Valley Education and Events Center is seeking new potential residents—especially those interested in taking on leadership roles or passionate about organic gardening—to join our sociocratically-run, permaculture- and NVC-oriented intentional community and aspiring ecovillage on 87 acres, 18 miles from Eugene, Oregon.

We are currently 40+ adults and 8 children, with residents in every decade of life through the 70s. Founded in 1989, Lost Valley has hosted countless visitors, guests, and students over the years, for everything from permaculture and ecovillage design courses to personal growth workshops and ecstatic dances. We’ve also been home to hundreds of communitarians, and have been featured in books such as Diana Leafe Christian’s Creating a Life Together, as well as magazines such as Communities and the French edition of Rolling Stone.

We are currently emerging from our fall revisioning retreat with plans for manifesting our cooperative visions more fully–and will soon have room for additional potential residents and staff members.

For much more information please visit lostvalley.org  and contact Setesh at [email protected] or

541-937-3351. We hope to hear from you!