Looking for someone(s) to help design and build a small greenhouse/residence building for a forming community, also looking for potential new members!

by Dan
Community Forming
Goldsboro, MD

Hi, as we are working on forming a community on this beautiful property, we decided that people generally will come if they have a permanent place to lay their heads. So, we want to build a small building that will serve two purposes, one as half a greenhouse and the other side as a residence. Anyone want to help us design and build it? I won’t be able to help too much as I live a distance away but the one guy on the land can help build and he has a rough design in mind, it’s just not his wheelhouse to design and build something like this. We will have to figure out compensation depending on how many hours it’s estimated to take, don’t have alot in the budget for this, but it must be done to move to the next step of getting more people out here to enjoy the land!

Also, looking for new people to join the forming community out here as well!