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Looking for knowlegeable infrastructure person. Experience with Biomass CHP, centralized sceptic, centralized hot water, etc.

by Rich Campbell
Jobs + Opportunities
Summertown Tennessee

Forming community (Summertown Gardens) needs help making sure that the master plan makes sense technically.

The plan is to produce affordable housing from recovered wood from hardwood slabs.

The waste will be used in a biomass generator to produce power for the community and maybe sell some as green power back to the grid. Will be connected to the grid for backup purposes.

Heat from CHP  (hot water, steam or both) will be used for heating homes and community buildings as well as hot water.

Heat will also be used to run a kiln to dry the wood.

Heat may also be used to heat greenhouses.

And produce biochar?

Would also like a central sceptic system for the community.

Because we are also considering aquaculture and hydroponics any additional knowledge would be a plus.

If you know of anyone who has down something like this I would love to talk to them.

If you’re going to dream …..dream big!!!


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