Looking for community setting

by Ralf
Community Seekers
US or Europe

37 years ago, I had a major clairvoyant dream that foretold the story of my life until today.  It was the story of a very demanding spiritual developmental journey.  First, I was led out into the world to broaden my horizon.  And then, in 2008, the inner process started.  The Anima connected with her father, the Self, and I started to receive orders, to help souls of still living and already deceased human beings at spiritual crossings.  In addition, in 2018 I experienced my Kundalini-awakening.  It transformed my Anima to highest spiritual maturity.  I do have a degree in Biology and read my way through the gigantic works of Carl Gustav Jung and other relevant authors.  A steady work history, I don’t have.  Personal spiritual development was always more important to me than a professional career.  I am looking for a community setting, where I can practice energy-healing and Kundalini-awakening.  I am fluent in English and German.  Please attach a current picture of you to your mail.  Warmly, Ralf