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Looking for a community

by Theresa Medeiros
Community Forming

Hello, I am a 42 year old single woman who is looking for a forming or established community to live in. It has always been my dream to become self sufficient and live in a tiny home or small space. I have put that dream on hold to educate myself and to raise my family. Now I have 2 adult girls and I am newly divorced so nothing is holding me back. I have a college education in business but I also have some experience in building, gardening and crafting. I am a great cook, cleaner, and love to keep a tidy home. I am willing to learn anything even hunting and preparing meat or going full vegetarian. I am open to anything as long as I am able to work for my keep and have a small space to live in. I only have 1 small Chihuahua dog and me. I don’t own really anything and I am willing to travel anywhere in the US or Canada. I am looking to move by the end of this year so I am working hard to save as much money as possible for travel expenses. Please contact me if you think I am a good fit for your community. I love working with people and helping where I can.

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