looking for primitive tribal community

by John
Seeking Community

Dear World,

I am a 20 y/o male looking to be part a community with an exceptionally interconnected family/tribe atmosphere…aka full of love. This is what I think is necessary to permanently eliminate the voice in one’s head and live purely and freely in the moment, as one’s infinitely unique nature can only dictate. To achieve this to its highest extent, I think it is necessary to be %100 self-sustainable, without modern amenities like television and Internet. Are you an individual on the same path as me, or a tribe accepting new members, and, if so, do you think you have (or are striving for…or are anywhere close to) these traits? (And if not, do you know of any communities/tribes like this?) I understand you would need Internet to see/reply to this, but expressing this personal ideal of living without electricity I feel might be helpful…

I think the purest form of what I am looking for is people to do something like what Christopher McCandless did in Into the Wild with (its really easy to find out about online if you’re not familiar), except being aware of the risks and how to manage them, and over a longer period of time (hopefully a lifetime). Basically what Christopher did was lived in the wilderness, foraging for and killing all his food by himself. This is, in my opinion, the most likely way of achieving the purest sense of freedom that has been eluding the majority of human consciousness more and more over that last 4,000 years. I’m not saying don’t reach out if you’re not into something this “extreme,” but again think expressing my personal ideal might be helpful.




P.S. Here is a little bit about myself and why I am looking for a community like this, in case it feels relevant to you:


I dropped out of college in the fall of 2015 because I knew I needed to find a new direction in life if I wanted to be happy in the long term. I had been on a tedious and tenuous path for many years that included doing a bunch of stuff that I didn’t enjoy for the sake of “ doing the right thing,” not being worthless,” “being a productive member of society” etc. After I finished my senior year of high school in 2015, it seemed like I would continue on this path of being “a good guy, who works and studies hard” (in my own head at least), but really feeling somewhat miserable inside.


I was pretty much aloof to what was transpiring until the summer before going to college when I had an extremely mystical and revelatory experience that ended up totally changing my life-path. My whole world was shattered. Basically all the nonsense that I had been taking part in for the greater part of 5 years was revealed, and I had to figure out what to do with my life with this new information.


I went to college in the Fall, hoping I could still overcome all that I had figured out and continue on the straight-edge path while still being happy. I still really hated it, and so I dropped out of college after a few months with the hope of finding something new. The year after that definitely wasn’t a fun one either, but it was enlightening and somewhat productive in figuring out where to go next. I went on several lengthy backpacking expeditions, and that definitely helped to show me that living simply with a group of loved ones is the way to true happiness.


I’ve been striving for that goal ever since, having worked on a farm in Costa Rica for 3 months and now spending 6.5 months living and working on an organic farm in New Jersey. I can see myself heading in the right direction, but I still have connections to society, money, greed, and human agendas that make me sick. On the contrary to these things, to truly achieve piece and happiness, I think one must feel a genuine sense of oneness between oneself, one’s kin, and the natural world.