Sustainable Living Project Seeks Renters/Members

by Dan Schutlz
Community Forming
northwestern corner of California, near oregon border, in the mountains and national forest

Maitreya Mountain Village
an off-grid permaculture farm (and just recently)
transitioning into community membership.
Located ten miles south of the Oregon border in California
within the Six Rivers National Forest, off Hwy 199,
20 mi from ocean, 15 from redwood state parks
There are three living arrangements available.

1. Shared space in our 2700 sq/ft lodge for $100 a month,
plus 12 hours a week of general community/farm work. Requires 4WD
to drive to.  Has a wood stove, bathroom and kitchen facilities, cook stove. (pictured)

2. Rent our 240 sq ft Woodsy Cabin for $200/mo plus 12 hours a week of
general community/farm work. Requires 4WD to drive to. It has a wood stove,
plumbing-water, kitchen, no electricity (yet). Shared bathroom/shower facilities.

3. Other options — Or build your own here, use your own RV, yurt
or temporary/mobile structure.
No rent fee, only 12 hours community work/wk

4.  Work trade option. After 6 months,
for working 30 hrs/wk of community/farm work
and we share 5% of community revenue
(which right now is about $3,500 a year)

Please read over our web site thoroughly,
it’ll answer almost all questions. I don’t want to field a bunch of calls
or emails to answer questions that can be answered by you reviewing
our web site.  Then … Apply Here :
There, you’ll find notable and usually applicable to most, features of our community.
For instance, we hold a community agreement to live free of chemical dependencies,
ALL chemical dependencies (this means THC, alcohol, sugar, etc)

The person(s) we’re looking for are good, stable, kind-hearted, individual thinkers
who desire to live off-grid, in nature, health, and harmony. We’ll develop community
and healthy agriculture (permaculture) systems that feed us and our extended
communities over the next few years.         It’s time for this. Yes?

Maitreya Mountain Village