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Join our cozy communal home! We are looking for a long-term member interested in income sharing, but will accept a short-term collective member.



Cotyledon is a egalitarian, income-sharing residential community, dedicated to environmental and food justice, radical sharing, personal growth and accountability, clear communication, and simple, cooperative living.  We strive to practice equitable physical and emotional labor, and consensus-based decision making. We are currently a small group in a 4 bedroom home based in Astoria, in the Queens section of New York City, but we have a mid-term plan to grow and move into a larger home, staying close to Western Queens.

After organizing together since 2015, we recently moved in together. We are queer friendly, age diverse, and welcome POC and all genders. While we do not bring parties home, we are organizers and frequently host meetings and social gatherings, often around shared meals. We participate with various urban farms and food justice groups in Western Queens. We also enjoy listening to music, playing games and going on outings together.



Progressive (if not radical) and cooperatively minded.  A good communicator and listener. You are interested (if not experienced) in living communally. This doesn’t mean you have to be the most social person out there! but you’re responsible, respectful, interested in participating in the community. You’re also financially stable, however you make that happen. You’re compassionate and non-judgmental. You may be of any gender/sex/sexuality/race/ethnicity/religion, and you respect those who align differently along those (and all) categories.



We are an income-sharing, egalitarian residence.  We pool the products of our labor, including monetary income, salvaged food, clothes, etc. helping insulate us from the corrosive and isolating effects of capitalism.  Although scary to get into, once established, income sharing makes everything else we are trying to do easier.  

The three of us who are already income-resource-sharing meet every week, usually over dinner (or weekend brunch), to discuss and organize that aspect of our living agreements and general household concerns, norms and ideas. Moving in as a non-income sharing participant, we ask that you commit to attend a house meeting every other week as a participant, while the alternate week you are welcome to observe, especially if radical sharing is of interest to you. We also want to be transparent so you understand that, although we are consensus based, the income-sharing group may need to make some decisions that could impact you.

While we have yet to establish a schedule of household chores and responsibilities, it will be expected that you participate in the work of the house which could also include assisting us in developing communal norms and standards.



Located in Astoria, not far from the East River, a short walk to grocery stores, post office, laundry, restaurants, banks, healthcare and cultural amenities including libraries, the waterfront, Socrates Sculpture Park, Rainey Park, Hallet’s Cove, Two Coves Community Garden, Noguchi Museum, Welling Court Mural Project, Boys and Girls Club, Astoria Park (& pool) and Hellgate Farm (where we bring our compost).


Transportation: Express bus at the doorsteps two stops to the F train and easy access to the W & N trains. Approximately 25 minutes to midtown transfers. Plus the NYC Ferry, Astoria route is 4 blocks away.


We share the basement and ground floor of a row-house (not a large apartment building) with 4 bedrooms and 1-½ bathrooms. A full, eat-in kitchen, separate and roomy living room, plus a bonus room downstairs that we are currently utilizing as a craft room and for visitor accommodations.



Unfurnished (but we could provide shelving and/or a bed upon request) 14’x8-½’ and a closet with a south facing window. A wonderful blank slate!


Monthly cost: $950 (includes utilities and food)

Move in cost (1st and last month’s rent): $1900

Couples are welcome, but we ask for an additional $400 (that is, for a total of $2300) to cover increased food, utilities, and house usage


RESTRICTIONS: Pets are negotiable, no smoking indoors.


Contact us at [email protected]