Sun Point Farm Sanctuary: Farm, Modern Monastery, and Health/Wellness

by Paul Antosh
Community With Opening
Derry, NH

Sun Point Sanctuary: Farm, Modern Monastery, and Health/Wellness Center

Located in Derry NH on 25 acre farm.

Here is a gallery to give you an idea of the farm.

A unique opportunity!

Temporary retreats and long term residence available. Experience the simplicity of a radically small ecological footprint and live close to nature, in sync with the Sun, and mindful of our relations. This modern monastery is located on a working farm with expansive community garden, goats, cows, and an environment conducive to living simply.

Several options exist from Adventure Camping (Spring-Fall) to long term room rentals.


  • tent platform (your tent)
  • 1-bedroom
  • 2-bedroom
  • Converted barn living space
  • In the farmhouse or external

Spiritual practice: Daily group meditation and a mindfulness practice of body, mind, and spirit.

Physical practice: Shared diet, single menu, and prepared foods of core diet.

Profile of an Ideal Candidate: Some, or all, of these points should speak to you.

  • Minimalist: desire to reduce and simplify…in order to actually do more with life.
  • Curious and respectful of the practices at the monastery.
  • Ideologically aligned with life at a modern monastery: quiet, communal living, shared spaces (own room), and able to interact appropriately (positive life view). Participate in key practices of monastery such as: morning meditation, group work, and workshops.
  • Mindful of your ecological footprint. Includes: electricity, fuel, food, packaging, waste produced, and efforts to recycle and re-purpose.
  • Confronting your addictions, rather than indulging them.
  • In search for a break from trivial pursuit of modern life and looking to focus and center around significant pursuits.
  • Any gender, single, couple, or family.

Example of Daily Schedule:

  • 6-6:30a group meditation: sometimes directed and sometimes silent
  • Weekly commitment to work at the sanctuary which could be yard work, building, gardening, etc. Commitment depends on your involvement and schedule.
  • Simple, plant-based food prepared for the group onsite with emphasis on dining with group. Sunday is open.
  • Yoga: solo or group
  • Evening opportunity to participate in communal discussions and activities.

Some of the activities are optional. Some criteria is mandatory–such as interest in living a life of significant pursuit and nonviolent communication.

Sun Point is smoke, drug, and alcohol free. Non-smokers only.


Contact: Paul Antosh

603.660.4187 (text only!!)

Visit us on Redditfor several posts with much more information.