Kitchen Manager at Hawaii Eco Village

by Ryan Nichols
Communities with Openings
Pahoa, Hawaii

Kitchen Manager / Lead Chef 

Start date October 1, 2021

 We are a holistic retreat center and intentional community in Hawaii looking for a new team member to manage our kitchen.  We are focused on ecological living and personal growth/development in a residential community context.  Staff and volunteers form the backbone of the community providing labor in core areas such as Housekeeping, Hospitality, Land and Garden work, Food prep and catering for retreats and more.  Our core values and agreements are: Self-Responsibility, Clear communication, Sex/Body/Pleasure positive & LGBTQP+ supportive environment, Ecology, and more.  The center is located within a larger off-grid eco-village neighborhood with other privately-owned lots/homes.  We are located walking distance from the ocean and have a gorgeous year-round climate, tons of fruit trees and great infrastructure to support community living.

Overview of job

  • Become part of a team of core staff of the community, including the owner, Administrative Director, and Program Director
    • Work closely together in a way that emphasizes clear, direct communication, self-awareness, self-reflection, empathy, kindness, and respect of self and others.
    • Agree to, embody, and be willing to assist in upholding the 10 items in the community agreement field.
    • Have a high value for structure and clear agreements, with flexibility given to accommodate a non-corporate, more family/human oriented setting.
    • Have a mindset towards personal self-development, and view interpersonal challenges as opportunities to grow.

Kitchen Manager / Lead Chef Primary Responsibilities

  • Orient to the current kitchen organization structure on arrival, and reorganize as necessary including labeling for where things go. 
  • Orient other staff, residents, and retreat guests to the kitchen functioning as necessary, including whenever new guests arrive.
  • Provide a proposed schedule for your own workweek of 39 hours per week during retreats and 30 hours per week while retreats are not in progress. The schedule needs to be provided to the Volunteer Coordinator by Thursday of the previous week. This will include between 18 – 33 hours per week of cook shifts during retreats, and 6 – 21 hours for non-cook shift tasks which have more flexibility.
    • Be available during business hours for anything that may come up.
  •    Prepare recipes and menus for the meals you will serve.
  •    Here is an approximate outline of what the meal plan looks like. 

Volunteer/staff supervision

  • Oversee execution of kitchen schedule, made weekly by the Volunteer Coordinator. This includes making sure cook shifts and cleanup shifts happen in a timely and effective way, and addressing it if they do not.
  • Oversee and give directions to volunteers who work with you.
  • Provide feedback to volunteers.
  • Assure the cleanliness of the Kitchen and Lodge Building.

Food ordering/storage/etc.

  • Take inventory of food in stock and prepare shopping lists based on stock food lists.
  • Place food orders.
  • Go on 1 – 2 town runs per week to go shopping and pick up food orders. This can include driving to Pahoa, Hilo, and Kona.
  • Oversee management of trash and compost.

Meetings (3-6 hours weekly of meetings with core team, volunteers, etc.)

  • Attend 30-45 minute weekly staff meeting at 9:00am on Monday’s 
  • Attend 30-45 minute community meeting at 6:00pm on Monday’s
  • Have a weekly check in with the Administrative Director 
  • Participate in any other check-in’s or meetings with core staff (Owner, Administrative Director, and Program Director) as needed

Compensation and Amenities

  • Stay in a private room in one of our two residential buildings, at a value of $1000/month
  • Receive our community food plan, including 6 prepared dinners, at a value of $650/month
  • Receive $400 per month base stipend for 30 hours of work per week
  • Receive additional $20/hour for hours worked above 30 per week during retreats
    • We anticipate hosting retreats about 50% of the time. 
  • Use of a business car for shopping/personal town runs once a week.
  • Enjoy amenities such as wifi, co-working spaces, chemical-free spa/pool/sunbathing area, holistic classes such as yoga, meditation, personal development
  • Walking/Biking distance to ocean and beaches


  • Work 39 hours per week while retreats are in progress
  • Work 30 hours per week while retreats are not here.
  • Commit to 6 months.
  • Agree to receive a 1099 independent contractor tax form based on the amount you earn

To Apply

Send Resume/Bio/CV to [email protected] with a letter of introduction including experience in community living,  kitchen experience, and experience with personal development work.