Join My Possibilities Intentional Community

by Sara Faith Jacobsen
Forming Communities
Colorado Springs Colorado

Hello IC Peeps! My name is Sara, and I am desiring to start an intentional community somewhere in Southern Colorado or Northern New Mexico. I was thinking I could/we could find a large house to rent with a backyard (and a greenhouse) to grow veggies together, have shared meals together, host events together in our living room etc etc. My vision for our shared community is no judgement, kindness and caring, exploring possibilities, caring about the earth, growing organically and biodynamically in our backyard, hosting dance and cuddle parties, and an environment where is safe for every human to show up- exactly as they are- in any given moment. Clear communication and allowance are musts! Due to cigarette allergy and marijuana allergy, I am asking for our space to be drug free and smoke free. If you are interested, text me and let’s talk!