ISO: Fellow Freedom Lovers – Int’l & Domestic

by IslandGyrl
Community Seekers

Update 9/05:

Still searching for other Truthers. Would like to hear from fellow travelers as well as Established Communities.

♡ There is a lot going on in the world now and important for us to be around other like-minded, critical thinkers.♡

We are an American, Freedom-loving mom and 1 awesome home-schooled/worldschooled child. We were traveling int’l and now stateside looking for a place to call home –  whether in the US or Internationally. I would prefer to connect with a community that also has children.

I’m big into gardening and growing food, love animals and raising them, utilizing natural remedies, holistic wellness, organics, making medicinal oils and tinctures etc.

If you are abroad, I’d definitely love to hear from you as I find European and Asian culture fascinating. I’m resourceful and will find my way to you. If in the US, TX or FL would be ideal.


😁 Thank you!Looking forward to hearing from you. Be well…