ISO: Fellow Freedom Lovers – Int’l & Domestic

by IslandGyrl
Community Seekers

Update 5/10:

Still searching. Thank you for the messages! A few have been rather short and vague though, with no intro, mention of state/country etc. 🤷🏾‍♀️

If abroad, I’m more open and flexible to location. In the US, I would rather not be near Canadian border. And would prefer a mild to warm climate.

I’m interested in US states that uphold freedoms and other countries/cities where it is legal to homeschool and safe to raise children. So not on the Top 10 most dangerous cities list 😁



We are an American, Freedom-loving mom and 1 awesome home-schooled child that seek community. We’re currently traveling in Mexico/Central America and looking for a place to call home –  whether back in the US or internationally. Have passport, will travel!

♡ There is a lot going on in the world now and important for us to be around other like-minded, critical thinkers.♡

I am big into gardening, love animals,  learning more about growing food, utilizing natural remedies, holistic wellness, organics, making medicinal oils and tinctures etc.

I would love to find a welcoming group that is also kid friendly, has and values being more self-sufficient. I am also eager to learn all that I can and what this entails.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Be well…