Internships at La Cite, New Hampshire

by Leonie Brian
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Internships at Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire
85 Angels Road, Colebrook, NH 03576
Organic Farming Program (From May through October 2018)

New Earth Organic Farm is a small-scale diversified vegetable farm within La Cite ecologique, an ecovillage established 15 years ago in Colebrook, NH. Interns at the farm will take part in a program that shares the basics of organic agriculture and sustainable practices for a farm, be it for aspiring future farmers, backyard gardeners or any person interested in learning on the subject. In complement of the practical learning done at the farm, theory classes are given to support those learning.

Therefore, participants will take part in garden work: from the sowing stage, to maintenance, irrigation, efficient weeding techniques, harvest and marketing. This will enable them to gain skills in maintaining a farm by hands-on, learning-by-doing approach. Meanwhile, theory intensive will be given once a week to gain much useful comprehension about larger topics, for instance basic ecology, needs of plants and also about down earth aspects such as soil life, cover cropping, crop rotations, season extension, integrated pest management (IPM), post-harvest considerations and so on. In addition of vegetable production, the farm has complimentary enterprises such as a chicken coop, small fruits and berries, a sugar bush and shiitakes, in which it will be possible to do hands-on experience and get information on them as well.
Moreover, as the farm is within an ecovillage, participants will get the chance to experience its lifestyle.

Eco-Exchange Program

If you’d like to see what life is like at Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire and build your skills in sustainable living at the same time, you may be interested to participate in our Eco-Exchange program:
Opportunities to gain hands-on experience including, organic gardening, food preservation, community cooking meals, small agricultural endeavors, small business projects, small restoration building projects, and sustainable technology.

Construction and restoration:—There’s always a new project going on in our Ecovillage. This Eco-exchange will shift between building, painting, repairing and restoring… We are looking for good spirit with strong desired to learn and help.
Kitchen assistant: As a community, we share daily lunches and one or two dinners a week. The community kitchen is the place at the heart of the Ecovillage. Learn how to process fresh organic vegetables, how to do homemade yogurt, and fulfill the needs of the community. It’s a fun and rich experience!
The sustainable artist: We have a nice land and a beautiful to take great care of and always look to create new projects to embellish it.

This year we will also offer a full Permaculture Design Certificate Training at the Ecovillage from August 6th through August 18th. (Class will end with the NH Permaculture Day held at the community.)

For a full schedule of our Events, Programs and Workshops for 2018, see:

So yes, we can use some help!

Participants will be required to follow some of our community rules.
Registration fee will be applied for your first internship. ($75)
The proposed activities may change depending on the season and the number of registrations.
Please contact us at:
[email protected]
or call (603)331-1669

Our story:
In 1984, 30 families and 15 individuals from different professional backgrounds to be a part of a new adventure. They sold all of their personal assets to invest in what became La Cite Ecologique: “The Ecological City.” In the following years, we grew our organic garden, becoming a living-learning center and started our alternative school which was approved by the Educational System in Quebec.

In 1986–1990 we built our community center and hosted for the public. Every Sunday we were open to the public offering conferences held by specialists in health wellness, organic gardening combined with a guided tour of our garden and a beautiful organic buffet. We were also selling prepared meals, bread, etc. in many supermarkets in Quebec.

In 1991 Kheops International was founded in Quebec, Canada as our wholesale. We only sold three of our Glass Art products: pyramids, incense holders, and candle bases. In 1994, Kheops International opened its USA division in Florida with members of the community. We remained there for nine years trying hard to increase our product selection. Through this time, it became apparent that if we were closer ‘to the parent company in Canada, we could better serve our customers and decrease our eco-footprint. Also, as an Ecovillage, we consistently look to promote the wellness of our members and realize that it would have been better to relocate in a place that will enable us to grow our food and develop our own alternative school. The search for a new location was on, we found that perfect location in Colebrook New Hampshire.

In 2003, we purchased 315 acres of land in the North Country region and established the Cite Ecologique of NH Ecovillage. In 2007, we started our gardens and started private school which has always been at the center of our decisions approved by the State. As some people say: ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ we say: ‘It takes an Eco Village to raise a conscious child’. Since education has consistently been a part of our moral foundation, we founded The Ecovillage Institute in 2014, our learning center, a place where individuals could experience solution-based internship, classes and workshops promoting a low-impact and high-quality lifestyle. We want to bring an awakening of consciousness that allows for the spreading of peace throughout the world.