Internships and Memberships Available in Kansas!

by looking1013
Community With Opening
Southern Kansas

Just Naturally Better has an opening for an intern in the organic farming and market growing side of the community. This could also become a full community membership if desired!

The ideal candidate would have a passion for natural food, grown without pesticides or unnatural additives.

This is a live on-site internship requiring a minimum of one-year commitment. It includes room and board as well as a small monthly stipend for personal expenses.

Growing year round with naturally heated greenhouses, unheated hoop houses, aquaculture, building a series of swales and modified hugekultures and planting them to grow a food forest. Selling at farmers’ markets, operating a CSA, preparing newsletters, and more. Permaculture projects, as well as naturalist living projects, will be part of the internship. For more pics of some of our projects check us out on our work in progress forgive the typos etc website.Ā