I am looking for the right place. Luthier, farmer ready to find a new life.

by Vincent J Lour Blanc
Seeking Community
Rockport Texas

Hello and thank you for looking at my advertisement.

My hope in reaching out is to locate a community where I can establish a new life and use my skills to improve life for others.

Here is the condensed version of me. I am 51 in great health. I am a violin maker of 27 years experience. I am a contractor and capable of multiple skilled trades. I currently own a landscape company and tree trimming service in South Texas. I was born in Buffalo NY.

My family consists of a son 25, daughter 22 and myself. I am recently free from a very long term relationship and seeking a new place to start building roots. I have strong interests in farming and agriculture and own a tractor. I am considering starting a greenhouse farm if I cannot locate a group of people I fit together with. I am hoping to meet people that will not judge me for my beliefs. I have many professional skills to offer a developing community such as construction trades, boat building, renewable energy production and wind turbine design, tiny house and underground house construction, artistic wood construction and carving. My nature is to be serious about my projects and produce works of beauty.

Please feel free to text or call in the evening.