House for rent/sale at Edges Community, Athens OH

by Matt Bennett
Land, Houses, Real Estate
Located 12 miles from Athens OH, this unique 2,000 sq. ft. Cedar sided house will be available for rent in June 2018. A private abode with an open living/dining room, kitchen, laundry and bathroom downstairs; two bedrooms, an office (or small bedroom), and large open area on the 2nd floor; and a 3rd floor tower room.
A Jotul wood stove heats the house, two cisterns collect rainwater, and a solar array provides a good portion of needed electricity as well as some back-up power when the grid goes out. Propane is used for cooking. An unfinished sun room has a deck and storage space.
The land is owned by Edges, an intentional community of 95 acres. Monthly rent is $650, plus $50 per adult maintenance fee to Edges to cover driveway maintenance, land taxes, etc. Firewood, propane (minimal), and electricity beyond that produced by the solar array are not included. Gardening is welcome and skilled work trade is possible.
Renting at Edges does not require membership, but there are openings and prospective members can apply via a membership process.
Please contact Matthew at 740-517-3678 for more information.
For over 20 years, the Edges Community has evolved through many forms, serving as home and opportunity for diverse individuals, families and lifestyles as well as a refuge of biodiversity, holistic healing, off-grid living, and affordable housing. It has provided a place of entrepreneurship in alternative medicine, green building, organic agriculture, and renewable energy and offered educational opportunities in both permaculture and ecological awareness. Though many of Edges members, families, and businesses have come and gone, what remains is a core of committed members with a social, financial, and governance structure backed by over two decades of learning and observation in community living. We are looking forward to the continuing story of our community and what it may offer future generations.

Edges is owned and operated as a land trust corporation, comprised collectively and equally of its members. Members own their houses, but the land property itself is held in trust, undivided and unparceled.
Though there are no property lines, members occupy and homestead their own personal area of land. The community seeks to balance privacy and autonomy with integrated community living and collective planning and decision-making.
Our governance structure operates by “consensus minus-one”, though almost all our decisions are reached through full consensus, upholding simple core values of trust, respect, transparency, and open communication.