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~~~ Homestead, Sanctuary & Retreat –  for Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency & Survival ~~~ 

“IDEAL LAND TO CLAIM FOR ETERNAL TITLE (NO SEIZURE by “Civil Government” ) & SELF-GOVERNMENT *****such wisdom (not legal advice) of Truth is available*****


With the majestic view of the northwestern Rocky Mountain in north central Idaho, this private 32.438 acres perched by a valley at an altitude of 4,000 feet elevation.

About 2,500 feet below the valley of this property is the South fork of the Clearwater river meandering through the valleys of  Nez Perce-Clearwater national forests.

There are myriad of activities to do and enjoy among these national forests and rivers for the adults and children alike, including but not limited to camping, hiking, swimming, rafting, horse-back riding, four-wheeling adventures, skiing, wild food & wild mushroom picking.  And of course this places also famous for its various level of fishing and wild game as well.

This secluded private property is about 9 miles from the small town of Grangeville, with a population of about 3,200 that sits on an elevation of about 3,400 feet.  Big part of this Idaho County are farmers and ranchers  that grow wheat, barley, canola… and raise cattles, sheep, goats… for their livelihood on the Camas Prairie and surrounding areas.

A small county owned public-used noncommerical airport located just abut to the town of Grangeville, about one nautical mile north of the central business district, called Idaho County airport.

There are at least 2-3 sites on the property that can be used for helicopter landing site.

Situated within 30-40 minutes away by driving is a budding ski-site known as Snowhaven at an elevation of 5,600 feet with 40 acres of skiable area including tubing-slide,  is an ideal place for winter fun. Within the next town, another ski-site known as Cottonwood Butte is located close to the town of Cottonwood ( population of about 1,000) which is about 20-30 minutes away by driving.

The city of Lewiston, Idaho  with a population of 32,000, and its sister city of Clarkston, Washington with a population of about 7,500 are within an hour to an hour and a quarter of nontraffic driving away from Grangeville.  Most if not all essential of daily life can be acquired from these two growing cities.

University of Idaho with student enrollment of about 12,000 is in the city of Moscow, Idaho which is  an additional 20-30 minutes of driving from Lewiston & Clarkston.

The private property’s prime state of  development began in 2005 by implementation of its core vision —  Sustainability, Self-sufficiency, Survival, and  Renewable Energy — for its daily operation.

It integrated the principle of permaculture and organic method of cultivating and nurturing all the variety of plants including food-trees, food-shrubs, and food-vines.

Its water storage capacity of up to 5,800 gallons off a spring sufficiently supply the need and demand of the household and irrigation of the food-forest. Additionally, a secondary backup source of  water  for irrigation purposes comes directly from a channel of ponds.

All petrochemical products were prohibited on this land, and it has never been used at all.

The house is a 3,570 square-feet, three storey log home with 3 bedrooms in a day-light walk-out basement.  The 4th bedroom, a master/guest bedroom is located on the 3rd floor, which is adjacent to a loft. A built-in hickory bookshelf spans along the length of the loft.  The opened cathedral view has its focus on the loft, master/guest bedroom, living room, and portion of the dinning area.

There are two full bathrooms, one in the basement and the other on the 3rd floor. A half-bath is on the second floor, just next to the living room and the kitchen.

The Kitchen has a large stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink.  Its cabinets in the kitchen is made out of hickory wood, with hardwood floor for the kitchen & dinning area.

One double-wide sliding glass door opens one side of the day-light walk-out basement to outside, and another heavy-duty insulated aluminium door opens the other side of the day-light walk-out basement to the food-forest zone in the backyard.

Two hardwood doors  into the house via the 2nd floor: one entering the living room & dinning areas, and the other entering the living and the kitchen areas. Two other double-wide sliding/patio glass doors open your semi-aerial & panaromic view to the orchard and food-forest zones.

Marble tiles cover the basement flooring for  the area of living room, hallways, bathroom, mud/cool room, and the pantry.  All the 3 bedrooms in the basement have laminated flooring.

The gable glass window also heightens your spectacular aerial viewing perspective on the fenced slope-garden, fenced orchard and the food-forest layout from the loft/library up in the 3rd floor.

There is a balcony outside the master/guest bedroom on the 3rd floor upon exiting the double-wide sliding glass doors which levitates your experience with semi-aerial view of the property from that vantage point.

A backup propane-refrigerator/freezer unit is in the kitchen, on the 2nd floor.

The row large and separate energy-efficient refrigerator and freezer units are located in the mud/cool-room with a laundry/utility sink. Also included are one energy-efficient electric washing machine, and  the other a diesel generator-driven drying machine.  The one propane-driven, and one electric-driven water-tank are both in an enclosed cubicle in the mud/cool-room.  The pantry and mud/cool-room are next to each other in the day-light walk-out basement.

Two wood stoves, one in the living room of the  day-light walk-out basement and the other in the kitchen of  the second floor are the main sources of heating-energy and/or cooking.  It also provides space-heating to the 3rd floor via the staircase, and the two heavy duty air registers on the 2nd & 3rd level floor. Secondary heating-energy comes off of the propane source  in the bathroom of the day-light walk-out basement and the living room on the 2nd floor.  There are two medium sized, and one large sized propane tanks that supply the space-heating and water-heating, and the propane kitchen stove.

The house has a wrapped-around deck, its length 61’x7′, and width 48’x9′, provided a stunning panaromic view of the northwestern Rocky Mountain ranges, and semi-ariel view of its own food-forest with up to 100 food-trees  and food-shrubs/vines, and off course  plots for annual to perennial gardening.

Food-trees and food-shrubs with variety of types included:

in the fenced-orchard

Apple tree x 10

Blueberry shrubx 8

Cherry tree (sour) x 1

Cherry tree ( sweet) x 2

Comfrey (nitrogen-fixer) x 3

Elderberry tree x 2

Honeyberry shrub x 2

Goji vines x 7

Grape vines x 4

Goumi shrub (nitrogen-fixer) x 1

Jostoberry shrub x 1

Medlar tree x 1

Pear tree (Asian & European) x 5

Plum tree x 6

Persimmon tree (nonastringent) x 3

Rasberrry shrub 2 1/4 lengthy plot

Seabuckthorn berry tree (nitrogen-fixer) x 3

Silverberry shrub (nitorgen-fixer) x 1

Strawberry patches (wild, interbreed, domesticated – everbearing & annual) patch x 3 lengthy plots

In the various growing zone (outside the fenced-orchard)

Apple tree x 7

Almond nut tree x 7

Butternut tree x 2

Chestnut tree x 2

Currant shrub x 1

Fig tree x 2

Gingko Biloba tree x 1

Hazelnut tree/shrub x 4

Hickory nut tree (wild) x 1

Eye of the dragon korean pine nut tree x 1

Korean pine nut tree (dwarf & standard height) x 2

Mulberry tree x 3

Siberian pine nut x 1

Seabuckthorn berry tree (nitrogen-fixer) x 4

Paw paw tree x 3

Persimmon tree (nonastringent) x 3

Pecan nut tree x 6

Pistachio nut tree x 3

Plum tree x 2

Walnut tree x 4

(These detail of plants will be added as it becomes available)

Scatter throughout the food-forest zones are variety plants of wild food-tree (apples, elderberry, hawthorn, & etc), wild food-shrub (various berries, currant & etc ), wild medicinal herbs of many types (including edible fiddle-heads, horsetail, cat-tail, watercress, mints & etc) especially those along the creek, edible wild muschrooms, and wild plant (amaranth, pigweed & etc)

There are about 3 wetlands on the property which provided varying species of fauna & flora to the property with its unique living eco-system, wildlife & bugs that co-exist together.

Many other wildlife abound including deers, moose, elks,  turkeys, rabbits, birds due to the conservatory eco-system.

The park-like setup of the property has up to 80% of timbered trees which can be harvested for various purposes including firewood for heating, construction of building, and selling it to the mill.

There are quite a few spring-heads on the property, with two of the springs which were developed for potable water purposes.

The ever-essential creek of life meander about 600 feet gently down the valley with a gradual drop-height of 100 feet is indispensable to the property.

Center to this golden and secluded haven of living center or retreat is its renewable energy systems which have been the foundation of its off-the-grid and self-reliance status:

* Year-round micro-hydroelectric power (with 2 sets of transformers & rectifier – 1 set can be relied on as a back-up)  Another  micro-hydroelectric turbine can be added into the system as     up-grading is an option.  This system has provided the excess energy to heat up the the dumb-load water-tank for supply of hot water &/or as excess heat to the dumb-load heater.

* Solar panels to compliment the totality of self-reliance

* Aditional solar or wind power at specific site that can be installed with already positioned underground power lines

There is a 12,0000 KW backup generator (Yanmar/Lister Pitter) located under the lean-to attached to the garage, with ample diesel fuel storage tank next to it.

A mobile 1000 gallon water-tank mounted on a gooseneck-hitched trailer  is also on site for many uses.

Fenced sloped-garden, a fenced gravel site for a medium to large above-ground greenhouse ajoining the fenced food-forest orchard.

Scattered in various spots, very private hide-outs, trails, and rock out-cropping for multitude level of activities & purposes. These vast natural playgrounds are within the front & backyard reach of all adults and children.

A few additional home-sites strategically located for purposes of establishing eco-villages and/or eco-community.  Having no building code for the county region in Idaho County where the property is situated, it paves an easier  way toward constructing more viable structures to further develope this property into an intentional community with beyond the standard of building code if the next visionary so chooses to expand on the theme of Sustainability, Self-sufficiency & Survival for many generations to come.

There is a quintessential site that can be used to build an underground passive-solar greenhouse and an attached net zero energy house for primary to secondary food and energy productions.

Other structures included:

* Micro-hydroelectric turbine house

* Spring-well house

* Sizeable garage 32’x20′ with loft, and a lean-to carport 36’x18′ which can accommodate farming or heavy equipment, and a car. Also included a lean-to 20’x12′ for the back-up generator.

* Metal building/carport 41’x18′

Hence, It is a Center of Living Sanctuary/Retreat for Sustainability, Self-sufficiency and Survival.

(!?will provide the exact sizes of various descriptive items mentioned above as it becomes available?!)

!!!Also available a 20 acres of land ajoining to this property with about another 150 feet of drop-height which can further ram up the power production of the micro-hydroelectric power system!!!