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Homestead Manager Apprentice Position

by Janet J Allen
1115 North Melita Road, Sterling, MI, 48659

Homestead Manager Apprentice Position

Hygieia Homestead

Would you like to earn your living in harmony with nature, live a self-sufficient lifestyle with inclusive, compassionate people, and help restore the planet? Remote 55 acre certified organic homestead and vegan community in Northern Michigan offers a one year full time training course, teaching every aspect of growing and marketing veganically grown fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, and herbs.


Learn skills such as sustainable farming principles, food preservation, vegan cooking, how to repair and maintain equipment, sustainable building design, wild foraging and more. Position begins on February 1 and ends November 30, hours according to the season and the weather. You will be expected to fully participate in all farm activities.


Room, board, Wi-Fi, vehicle when needed, and a monthly stipend of $100 is provided. Janet and Mark will teach the why and how of each day’s tasks.  Numerous videos, books, and other teaching aids are available for students to absorb information on organic farming, climate change, and impact of food.


We are looking for honest, cheerful people already embracing a vegan diet, desiring to be a sustainable farmer, willing to work hard, and commit to one year training. All applicants must be sober, mind-altering drug and alcohol free. At the end of the year, promotion to manager and community membership will be discussed. Email Janet at [email protected]  for more information, questions, and application form. Selection will be made by January 1, 2021.