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3 Building lots and 1 home for sale at Stowe Farm Community, cohousing in western Mass

by Nancy
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
3 Building lots and 1 home at Stowe Farm Community, cohousing in western Mass
Stowe Farm, a rural cohousing Community in western Massachusetts, has 8 households now and 11 when complete. We share greenhouse, truck, tools, equipment, land, and connections with each other. We aspire to our New England traditional roots of sharing, cooperation and collaboration. We think it’s the best environment to raise our children. Currently there is a 3-bedroom house and 3 building lots available. Please contact [email protected]. for more information or visit StoweFarm.org.

Like the other houses in Stowe Farm Community, it is free standing, energy-efficient and sunny (south-facing). The house uses geothermal and radiant heat, has white oak and cork flooring.  House info

Lots here are just under one-acre, clustered in a village setting. They are located on a south facing slope, all with spectacular views down the valley. We have preserved over 80 acres in conservation which is owned in common by all members of the community. Our land includes beautiful fields, wooded hills with clean rivers and streams, and arable land. The lot prices are around $115K and include shared amenities (see above).

Contact Nancy for more info.

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