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Home/Land/Business For Sale NE Arizona

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Home/Land/Business For Sale….

                            Interested parties only.  Don’t waste my time, or yours!  NO REALTORS, you will be ignored!


Perfect opportunity for a group of young people, homesteaders, or anyone that wants to work from home in NE Arizona.

2000 sq. ft. home and business, on 80 acres, off grid.

Home, 2 warehouses and a 1 car garage.

Another 7 acres located in town (10 mi. away) also with a warehouse, for semi’s to pick up and deliver.

                            Again….NO REALTORS!

Emails only. And when we have created a relationship, there will be more.



This is an actual business, with products that we warehouse. You will have to keep stock and ship out orders. This is not a “work from home business” doing phone soliciting or selling someone else’s stuff. The is on the same property, so you are actually working from home from an online established business since 1991. 

Reason for selling:

Home/land and business for sale. Wife has terminal cancer and husband can’t live here by himself and take care of the home, land and business with his RA.  I am the wife, and I am currently doing quite well. But it would be nice to know that what we have built here can help someone else, and my husband and I can move forward with our life. I am the one working on the site, and will add stuff as I get it and answer any emails. PLEASE, do NOT send your cancer cures.

We have run this business, on this property for the last 18 years. So this is not a new business, it’s established and profitable. Interested parties will be shown progress of the company and of course “$$$ numbers”. DO NOT EMAIL AND ASK. In those 18 years we started with a pickup truck, land we owed on and a rv. We tested to see if we could get internet, we did. Then check to see if UPS would come out here, they would. With that we packed up our small existing business and moved to the mountains. Here 18 years later, we so love it here, but age and other issues creep up on a person, that it’s now time to go. It’s just too much work for the two of us with our health conditions. As Lori has stated, it would be such a shame to let all of this go to dust. Our kids aren’t interested in this lifestyle so here we are………

This would be a great opportunity for a “group” of people. Young adults or homesteaders for sure!

In a nut shell…

Prior to even moving out here, we made sure we could run a business here, and all we had was dirt. This is totally OFF GRID. No water, no electric, no cable, etc. Just dirt! When we purchased the home in 2005 it was a repo., originally 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, 2000 sq. ft. We totally gutted it, and it is now a 2 bedroom/2 bath home. Pellet stove to heat in the winter, which winters are pretty mild, and an evaporative cooler to cool the home in the summer. There is also a large flower and vegetable garden. I like to can and I’m able to do quite a bit with this space. There is also an old west town that is a part of the yard.

We also have a small garage, I keep my vehicle in there and our mini excavator (mini giant). Excavator is NOT included in the sale but negotiable. Awesome little machine but old. It has a 12″ bucket, and an 18″ bucket. Has steel tracks for rough terrain. We used this for everything from building the house pad, planted trees, dug up trees, all the water and electric lines on the property. Even help patch the road when need be. We bought this used about 15 years ago from the neighbor, who bought it used.

Visit the gallery for more pictures and videos.

The 40 acres (really 37.80 acres each, everyone calls them 40s) that have the home and business on are fenced (barb wire)

Elevation is 6000′. You have 4 seasons here.

Power is with solar and we have 2 propane generators. One Kohler 15kw for the backup of the solar system, and a second smaller generator as a backup to the backup generator (never been used other than to test it when we bought it)

Solar comprises of 2 sets of panels on trackers, and 2 sets of fixed panels. On a cool sunny day we can pull in 150 amps, and usually are full power within 3 hours or less. There are 2 – 110V Inverters to give you 220V, which will allow you to pump water without turning on the generator. There are 4 charge controllers to work with the 4 sets of panels. There are 24 Rolls deep cell batteries. In case of a mass failure, there is a bypass system, to override the main system.

Phones are cell.

TV/Internet is satellite.

Water is from our well (fantastic tasting water) approximately 280′ deep. The water is pumped to the top of a hill into 2 holding tanks holding over 4000 gallons. The tank itself has a float switch inside to turn off the water flow when the tank is full. By putting the tanks on top of the hill, we do not need a pump in the house to increase water pressure (although I did put a 45psi pump in the laundry room just in case). Water pressure to the house is around 35 psi.  

Stove and dryer are propane.

Fridge and freezer are electric.

Hot water is “on demand”.

There is a well and a septic system.

Both warehouses on this property, each have a small office in them, heat and evap. coolers.


The 7 acres in town does not have anything other than the warehouse. Warehouse floor is concrete and it has a concrete apron for  trucks. Pallet jack and a fork lift in the building, NOT INCLUDED, but negotiable.  The building itself has a fence around it, due to “open range”. There is no water, no power, no gas!

My husband and I are willing to teach. Computer knowledge helpful, working on websites, as well as gardening and setting up the irrigation aspect of it. The business is gardening oriented. We are willing to teach, but you must have some knowledge and love for it. You DO have to warehouse product. We will tell you how we do it. Where we get it. How we get it. Etc

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