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Home is where your friends are!

by Lucille
Seeking Community

I am 59 years of age and in search of like-minded people. I am fluent in English and German, and authorized to reside in the US and Europe. I have a degree in biology and found in the work of Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology, mentorship on my spiritual journey. I exercise, meditate, and record my dreams regularly. Although my kundalini-awakening experience has recently lifted me for a few hours into a state of absolute felicitousness at the bosom of the Hindu-Goddess Lakshmi, I am rooted in the spiritual tradition of the occident. The spirituality, I am experiencing, compares to a purification process of the mind. The more layers of the veil of Maya are being removed, the friendlier the spiritual entities that appear in visions. I don’t belong to any religious confession. And I am no vegetarian. Please get in touch, if you like. Home is where your friends are! Ralf

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