Holy Smoke Tribe

by Sky SaintMartha
Forming Communities
Heading To Florida ASAP

Have you ever wanted to live in an intentional community but were EXCLUDED simply because you’re a smoker? I certainly have! I’m sick to death of trying to find somewhere that I can simply Be ME. Part of who I am is someone who’s been smoking for 50 years and has given up on stopping. Folks are simply going to have to deal with that, if they want to be part of my life and our tribe.

ALL members of Holy Smoke Tribe are smart enough to realize that we’re in the middle of a genocidal war against the vast majority of the population waged by The Ruling Cabal (or whatever you choose to call it). It’s called a “pandemic” by the corporate-owned and -controlled governments, mainstream media, and other fools. We are simply going to do our best to IGNORE that BS and get on with our lives. No one will mask themselves or practice social distancing. We just refuse to waste our precious time, money, energy and other resources on moronic shit. No one who has received one or more of the fake vaccine jabs will be allowed to join our tribe.

So let’s band together and create our own intentional community (IC)!  It takes a LOT of time to form a community and set it up. Let’s use this time to get STARTED!  There’s no reason why we can’t live in an otherwise-healthy community. There are no limits to the ways in which we can minimize/mitigate indoor air pollution from smoke.

Where will we form this IC?  Florida is a Home Rule state (except for taxes) and they do NOT impose Dillon’s Rule. That means it’s relatively easy to create, modify and/or cancel local laws to meet the needs of our community.  There are areas which have little to no 5G tech in place currently.

Although real estate in Florida is expensive, it has a HUGE advantage in that it has removed ALL covid-related restrictions, they’ve passed laws which will allow NO governor to impose mandates unless approved by the legislature, and they have outlawed vaccine passports.

So I’m hoping they’ll pass a bill to decriminalize cannabis and allow home grows ASAP.  Until that time, we’ll have to choose a specific location within Florida where cannabis has already been decriminalized (Local Cannabis Laws) and hope that the local police abide by the laws passed by the citizens whom they are supposed to serve.  Luckily for some–if not all–of us, their medical marijuana laws are pretty lax and dispensaries are already open.

TYPE OF HOUSING: Intentional Communities can manifest in many different forms. I envision our Tribe as having a common use facility for laundry, meetings, gardening, kitchen and dining room, crafting, canning, etc. There are too many options for how to house people around the common hub to list here and I’m open to most of them. Some examples might be tiny houses, vans, apartment buildings, teepees, and yurts.

I’m a soldier in the war on poverty! Every co-housing community/project I’ve found thus far is open ONLY to those who have great material wealth. We will be an income-sharing community and everyone will be treated equally and fairly. No one will be excluded due to either financial poverty or wealth.

About me: My name is Sky SaintMartha and I’m a divorced 63 year old female currently living in downtown Buffalo, NY. Living in community is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I’m a playful pagan crone who realizes that everyone has their own path to walk. Everyone who wants to live in my community MUST also allow others to make their own choices as long as they aren’t harming Other Beings unnecessarily.

I’ve been a community organizer for over 3 decades, so I have the administrative skills to get things set up how we want them. Twin Oaks Community has been around for 54 years now and their Planner/Manager system seems to work very well (except for excluding smokers). So I’m thinking their model would be the best one to adapt to our use although I’m quite open to learning others. Starting out, we might only require that people agree to follow The COOL Code (The only sin lies in harming Other Beings unnecessarily and all living things have Being) and I hope doing so could work until we get big enough to need more planning. I DO reserve the right to VETO things (although I doubt if I’ll need to do so with community-minded folks) because past experience has taught me the follies of allowing late-comers to disband or totally change the focus of communities.

Areas in which I’ve concentrated my time, energy, money and other resources include HIV/AIDS, peace, preventing nuclear proliferation, civil rights, socialism/economic justice, many environmental issues, homelessness, local community rights, queer rights, reproductive freedom, fighting censorship and REAL misinformation, anarchy / voluntaryism / non- aggression principal, and radical mental health.

My positions have been as a regular member, a faculty advisor, office manager, secretary of the board, vice president, director, community organizer, steering committee member, peer counselor, educator, peace marshal, union steward, newsletter editor, troubleshooter, efficiency expert, peer support specialist, media contact, public speaker, and board member of many organizations including a couple which I helped found.

The skills I’ve used most are organization, multi-media communications, in-depth research, teaching, peer counseling, bookkeeping for nonprofit agencies including filing taxes and State Attorney General reports, grant writing for scientific and social service organizations (which I heartily hate and hope to never have to do again), fundraising, group facilitation, event and project planning, nurturing/mothering, word processing, scheduling, conflict resolution, meme creation, etc.

Please feel free to email me your questions, comments, and suggestions! I love learning new things and doing internet research. My motto is that there’s no such thing as A Stupid Question–-only people who are too stupid to ASK questions.

You can email me at the eAdd after my name below. PLEASE note that it is an UNDERLINE between the first two words–NOT a dash.

Good Luck on your journey… Sky ( [email protected] )