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Mom seeks Great Vibes & New Beginnings ✨

by Island_girl
Community Seekers

UPDATE  October 2020:   Still searching… to join a person or group w/ an Established/Existing Community in time for winter 🙂 ** Open to International locations!!


I was born on a tropical island and have love for Mother Nature and all her creatures.

I am a proud mother to a sweet, kind, hilarious, home-schooled grade schooler.

I enjoy all facets of gardening and am continually learning. Most recently I’ve been particularly fascinated with natural/holistic remedies, growing herbs and learning to process and store them.

I love and respect animals and am always in awe of them. i.e. How they communicate, interact, learn, adapt etc. As of now: 9 adorable chickens, 1 rooster and 1 silly terrier.

Very eager to find a welcoming community where I can learn different aspects of a self-sufficient lifestyle, grow and be a vital addition to that community.

I’m flexible and open to different US locations and various arrangements.   i.e. Rentals, co-housing, work options etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


~ Be well… 🌺