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Holistic Entreprenuar, seeking foreever tribe

by Kandice
Seeking Community
Raleigh NC

Hello, looking to find heart based like minded folks where we can grow together and live in a environment that is back to the natural basics of living. whether formed, forming or a few folks who would a love a positive addition.

Being a very awake women of what the world has become, community will be of the up most important means of meeting our needs in the future. Away from politics, greed, selfishness and the negative impact that corporations plus technology is putting people into a box.

My background is extensive, will touch on a few highlights. Have been teaching horseback riding most of my life including going to Europe to obtain certification from one of the most esteemed schools. This has lead me down many paths and now mostly focus on the healing benefits and working with horses in harmony as opposed to competition in the vain of money and winning. This would carry over very well in homeschool and personnel therapy. Horses are also a potential means of travel as they once were the foundation of peoples lives. Once settled would like to write to help other folks.

Also currently work with gemstones and crystals. Started a market booth 3 years ago that has expanded into making custom jewelry according to what their chakras need through muscle testing. We are portable and able to set up as vendor or have a store for income to the community.

A short list of some of my gifts, energy healing, shaman, teacher, empath, meditation, good communicator, works well in team or individual, nutrition, herbs, marketing and love to learn and new start projects.

Would love to be involved in and expand knowledge in the growing of food which is becoming essential to eat well. Love to prepare food and share the feast!

The best way to communicate is by phone to see if our situations would be a good match. The most important thing is honesty and following the golden rule, that your word is of gold!

Our market closes for the month of October for the NC state fair so taking this time to find a lasting forever home where we can love work play and blossom!

Currently live rural in my A class motorhome with my dog next to horse pasture. We have learned to live simple and discovered how little we truly need to happy.

Please call and if no answer leave message of best time to call back.

Look forward to chatting and to meet new folks!



[email protected]

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