Hard Times Ahead

by AmericanGirl
Community Forming
United StatesNYNew York(show on map )

Anyone, hence any community, that isn’t alarmed about current world events, is willfully ignorant. Whether you believe “the end is near” or not things are happening in the United States that are great cause for concern.

I think the United States is headed down a path that will inevitably lead to civil unrest, economic collapse, martial law, our human rights violated, civil liberties revoked, unprepared for catastrophic natural disasters, and possible nuclear attack.

My greatest concern though is relocating to another country to either join an already established community preparing for gobal catastrophe or creating one with a small group of like minded people overseas.There is a storm brewing and no one is prepared to survive it. Everyone is carrying on as usual watching TV and buying the latest iphone.

Fellow Americans, this is the calm before the storm; a “grace period”. This is the time to flee the US before it collapses.

– Gun control, race tensions, Trump’s Presidency, and the resulting consequences/after effects.

– Numerous stores (esp grocery stores) closing down permanently. This happened in Venezuela, Greece, other countries present day, recently, right before they collapsed. We are on same road map.

– North Korea, Russia, China… wars and rumors of wars aimed at the US.

– The FEMA camps, surplus of military tanks(equipment/bullets) being shipped here. Most citizens won’t ask why. It is more than enough tanks even government officials non related to military branch questioned the sudden surplus. The militarization of the police.

– Our constitutional and human  rights being violated and slowly revoked. Its overwhelming even reading it but we have to stay calm and boldly face our “new” reality. This is all leading up to something terrible

It is of the utmost importance that any community or individual who contacts me share the same perception about what is going on in the U.S.

I am living below the poverty line. So, I don’t have a enough money to just pick up all my stuff and relocate to a community overseas. If you are a community that can purchase an airline ticket for me if you think I would be a good fit for your community after we both get to know each other you are who I want to connect with.

If you are a community that doesn’t want to invite me to your community but wants to help please contact me. There are ways you can assist me.

As far as individuals, I would like to gather a small core group of people to put our money together then unified relocate overseas. I want to go off grid. The specific country is up for debate. We all would plan every single detail out together.

I am not interested in people who merely want to have theoretical conversations about it. I am in action mode. This is probably most ideal for people who are single without kids. Though if you have kids you are still encouraged to respond.

I want to leave by December. Whether that is headed to a community with their assistance or it is me and a group.

I am 100% serious, willing, and ready to leave it all behind.