happy homesteaders, trampolines and turkeys!

by Laura, Danielle, Tony
Community With Opening
Mossyrock Washington

We are two families sharing land, food, orchard, trampolines, impromptu foraging parties, big garden,  livingroom  games and chickens. We have some geese and turkeys and would like to try having some other animals on the land. We are interested in beekeeping,compassionate hunting and fishing. We are experimenting with permaculture, natural building, a bit of world travel arts and crafts, music, joyful yoga, wilderness expeditions, and other things. Mostly we want to have fun and do good! We have a huge, funky 100 year old log cabin where people can stay while they build a tiny house, treehouse or Hobbit home in the side of the hill! We are working on getting many building projects going. We want to build a greenhouse, wood heated sauna and hot tub, barn for barn dances, outdoor kitchen and pizza oven! We need more people to help us build and enjoy! We have  connected with a network of homesteaders and others  and wish to grow the greater community as well, so we could talk about being a landing spot for people who want to buy their own land in this neck of the woods!