Glorious Tropical Rainforest Land for Sale — Perfect for eco-conscious, self-sustaining Intentional Community, Health Retreat or grand estate

by Karen Sutherland
Land, Houses, Real Estate


Looking for an eco-conscious spirit to enjoy and protect this very special property with spectacular 180+ views of mountains and sea.

Located above Cochrane Village, Dominica, approx. 2000-2200’ above sea level. Land is subdivided into 4 parcels, totaling almost 10 acres: flat on top, semi-steep slope, then large tract of flat land below. At very bottom, a small amount of steep slope with old growth rainforest. Southern exposure. The whole parcel would make a magnificent retreat for health, meditation, eco-tourism, etc. or a private self-sustaining estate or intentional community.

Incredible views of mountains & Caribbean. Soil is young volcanic, mineral rich, friable. Plentiful, but not oppressive,  rainfall. The land was farmed by others 15+ years ago, last cleaned by us in 2005 and has lain fallow since. Category 5+ Hurricane Maria did its own cleaning in Sept. 17 but the rainforest is returning. Orange, nutmeg, avocado, clove, pomerac, and numerous other fruit and nut trees may be reclaimable from years of weed growth and Maria’s destructive 220+ mph winds.

Wonderful healthy climate, warm days, cool nights. Temperature range approx 65-85° F. Cleanest, sweetest air imaginable. Few mosquitoes, no poisonous snakes. Lots of birds, including parrots and hummingbirds. Rainbows galore.

The land is nestled next to World Heritage site, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and up from Cochrane Village (working towards becoming an eco-village). The “main” road bordering the land is 4WD-able now and on government list for repair. (Work has already begun on its lower stretches). It continues on and up through rainforest to Middleham Falls, a major waterfall (and tourist attraction). Heading down, it’s about 25 minutes drive to Roseau, Dominica’s capitol city; about 15-20 minutes drive to so-so beach, 30-35 to really nice beach, 45 to very good snorkeling/diving.

Dominica is a small-farm friendly country, with 45% of the labor force in agriculture. Island economy is centered on agriculture and eco-tourism, with health tourism up & coming. Diving & snorkeling, whale watching, hiking, rainbows and waterfalls, rainforests, peace and nature are the draws as opposed to casinos, nightlife and tourist-studded beaches. Hurricane Maria in Sept. 2017 devastated the economy, the infrastructure, most everything. Dominica’s answer is to rebuild so that it will be the world’s first climate resilient nation. There are no yearly land taxes, and no income taxes for farmers. The island is safe & friendly, with little violent crime.

To avoid opening up this peaceful, pristine area to environmentally harmful development or introducing contaminants (including chemicals or loud noise) am looking for like-minded new neighbors at a pre-realtor price of approximately $25,000 USD/acre (depending on total size and exact location of acreage of interest).

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