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General Management Couple

by Brennan Newberry
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Wilbur Hot Springs, CA


Wilbur Hot Springs

General Management Profile                                                                       


Wilbur Hot Springs is a family owned business that prides itself on providing a clean, safe and healing environment where guests can feel at home as they enjoy quiet sanctuary from the busy, modern world. Wilbur is situated in a pristine natural setting with 4 flumes of hot mineral waters in which to soak and an 1800 acre nature preserve to hike in and encounter wild life. Guests stay in free standing cabins, the Solar Lodge (an 8 room building), and 2 rooms in the original historic hotel built in 1915, where a large community kitchen and other common areas allows them to cook their own meals and relax in a comfortable setting.


The General Management team lives on-site and works closely with CEO’s Sarana Miller and Aaron Davidman (who do not live on-site) to oversee all operations of Wilbur Hot Springs. This includes oversight of the annual budget, daily accounting and quarterly reports; hiring and management of all personnel including 4 front desk staff, 4 housekeeping staff, 3 outside facilities staff, marketing team, massage staff, and all contracted labor. The management team also maintains relationships with neighbors, county service organizations and state officials.


There are a dozen structures on the property in addition to the cabins, hotel and Solar Lodge: a combination of office space, shop space and staff housing. Familiarity with building maintenance, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, septic systems, water systems, solar systems and land management is important.


Daily accounts reconciliation necessitates familiarity with QuickBooks and a strong background in financial management.


Comfort with guest relations is vital. Guests come to Wilbur, some for decades, because they say it feels like home. Friendliness, warmth and interest in other people are important qualities in the management team.  Attention to detail, use of systematic protocols and timeliness are necessary and must be combined with the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere where the guest is protected from the worries of the world.


We are seeking mature professionals: a two-person team with 10+ years of hotel and/or spa management experience who work well with others and have the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully.  Good verbal and written skills and strong computer literacy are a must. Communication is paramount at Wilbur.  Living in a remote setting is not for everyone. Staff work closely together. We want management that will create and lead a staff culture that is conducive to living consciously, to working together to create a healing environment for others, and to enjoying the benefits of living so close with nature.


Salary: $50,000 per person.  Benefits include: Housing, utilities, internet, phone, monthly massage and laundry. Vehicle and gas. 4 weeks vacation.

This job is for a couple.

Please send photo, cover letter and resumes to Brennan Newberry: [email protected]

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