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Four Oaks Farmlette- Small Co-housing/Community

We are a five household community (four families, one single person) on the edge of town in Eugene, Oregon.

Our Project:
A small, family-focused, intentional community/ co-housing living, with members committed to ecological living, social/racial/economic/ecological justice, supporting a diverse gender spectrum, and clear, kind communication.

We own 1.2 acres in the city limits of Eugene (Churchill neighborhood), with fruit trees, garden space, and young dairy animals. We have three homes and a tiny house, as well as common space and a smaller dwelling for work/trade or guests. Each family has the opportunity to own their own living space, and the community will have shared ownership of the common rooms and the land.

We have a co-op preschool on-site, for us and neighbor kids of preschool age.

There are no outdoor cats; we try to support the birds and who reptiles live here too.

Who we’re looking for:
We want to live with people who we feel connection to and enjoy spending time together. Friendly, harmonious interactions, with a commitment to work through any problems that arise are a must.

Here are some specifics that are important to us:

Children: We want our children to grow up with other children and have fun, daily interactions. Currently there are 5 children (1.5 , 2.5, 3, 5, and 7 years old). Though all families have different parenting styles and home rules, we want shared rules for all the children regarding use of common spaces, outside area, and animal care. All adults would be committed to teaching children the “why’s” behind our shared rules and kindly reinforcing them. Our children are vaccinated.

Gender diverse community: We have always lived in gender diverse communities. It is important to us that gender diversity is valued and visible, and at a minimum everyone is LGBTQ friendly and supportive.

Responsible and reliable: We are looking for others who will help build and maintain a better living space. Meetings will be infrequent and efficient, and socializing more common. We will use sociocracy as our governance structure.

Vision of a just society: Our world is full of problems and opportunities to make it a better place. We want to live with others who share the vision of an economically, racially, and ecologically just society. We support climate justice movements, Black Lives Matter, native rights, immigrant rights, an end to mass incarceration, and all those working for a better world.

Commitment to climate resiliency: We want to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels as much as possible. Bicycling, solar panels, shared electric car, local organic food, thrift store shopping, sharing stuff, and buying only what we need are important to us, as well as all the policies, regulations and funding needed to make this happen at the larger scale.

Experience with communal living: Having some past experience of sharing spaces with others helps separate the ideals of communal living from the reality.

Time line:
After a get-to-know-you process, move in could be anytime.

The Neighborhood: This is a great neighborhood for people who both love nature and hiking, and want to be within easy biking distance into town. We are a short walk to two different hiking areas, just a mile from a bike trail that takes you downtown (4 miles), a 10 minute bike ride to the grocery store, and a 15 minute walk to a few restaurants. There is a park and large ball field at the end of our block. Our neighbors are friendly and we know most of them.

Home Descriptions:
The open home is new and ecologically constructed and sized for a small family (2 bedroom, plus a 3rd room that could be used as a bedroom). Features include sustainably harvested wood flooring, marmoleum in bathrooms, zero VOC paint, recycled glass countertops, locally made alder cabinets, and other green features. The house is very well insulated, has water-efficient fixtures, solar panels, and will have greywater. The communal space includes a large common room that is used for the preschool 9am-1pm, an office/guest room, bike shed, and tool shop, plus an acre of land with pasture, orchard, and gardens.

After an initial 1 year trial period, there will be opportunities to buy in, with a possibility of a community-carried loan, with a cost similar to a new home in Eugene. Rent for the first year would be $1,600/month. We also have a monthly fee for utilities/internet/fund-to-fix-stuff.

Community Animals
We currently have 17 chickens, one nubian dairy goats (very friendly and sweet!) with 3 kids, and one small-sized dairy cow and her baby, also very sweet and friendly). We also have plans to raise rabbits for meat.

Communal Gardens and Outdoor Spaces
Large vegetable garden
Fruit trees with food forest understory and berry patches
Native plants and rain gardens
Half-acre pasture
Climbing trees for kids (redwood)
Possible future greenhouse for subtropical plants and aquaculture system

Next steps:
If you’d like to know more or arrange a visit, please email and let us know about you and your family!

We (collectively) work in GIS mapping, water conservation non-profit sector, electrical contracting, energy-efficiency engineering, social work, and math/science at U of O.